Dynamic Duos: Aesthetic Treatments that Complement for Way Better Results

There’s no one pill that fixes all, won’t you agree? Similarly, even if there may be an aesthetic treatment touting a multitude of benefits, for a superior and natural looking result, it may be best to rope in its close counterpart. Here, we round up some of the formidable pairs of non-invasive aesthetic treatments to help you turn back the clock and achieve the perfect body.

Youthful Voluminous Face: Facial Fillers + Dream Sculpture

Age is one of the culprits behind a wider jaw line, flatter cheeks and sagging facial skin; changing out face shape stealthily from an “inverted triangle” to a “triangle”.

To restore lost volume in cheeks and lift saggy skin, consider facial fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane which are made of hyaluronic acid to replenish our own. For the clueless, hyaluronic acid is the key to youthful skin, keeping skin plump and hydrated.

“Fillers are quick lunchtime fixes to tighten skin. Its result is akin to a facelift but without the need for surgery,” says Dr Low Chai Ling, Founder of SW1 Clinic.

To prolong the effects of facial fillers, couple the treatment with Dream Sculpture. This procedure utilises Sculptra, made of Poly-L-lactic acid, to boost the body’s own natural collagen so skin stays smooth, supple and lifted.

“Sculptra is strategically injected over the vital frameworks of the face, both adding and stimulating collagen production for a progressive age-reversal. Although the results are not instantly visible, Sculptra greatly improves the effect of fillers from about a year to 2-3 years depending,” explains Dr Low.

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Turn Back the Clock: Thermage + Ulthera

Dynamic Duos Aesthetic Treatments that Complement for Way Better Results1

Fight crepey skin, flabby skin and even cellulite with fantastic two – Thermage and Ulthera. Thermage uses radiofrequency waves which penetrate deep into skin to jolt body’s natural renewal of collagen, resulting in skin tightening and contouring. “This shaping and skin firming continues to improve over a 3 to 6 month period and can last two years or more,” says Dr Low.

Combined with Ultherapy,  which delivers focused-ultrasound energy to a specific and deeper layer of tissue to spur collagen formation, this match made in heaven Trinity Facelift Program bestows you with an ultimate overall skin tightening, firmness and radiance of youthful skin. And you know what? Nobody will know your secret…

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Porcelain Baby Skin: Lifting Facial + Quattro Toning


Facials are skin treats you absolutely deserve! With a myriad of facials like O2 Blush or 24K Uplift that incorporate science and skinfood, visits to your spa no longer simply cleanse your pores but can even lift skin, nourish and return a revitalised complexion. Celebrities return time and again for award-winning Illumi Facial, starring infra red energies and a slew of skin essentials to quickly restore skin elasticity and luminosity.

Top up the benefits of regular facials with the latest Quattro Toning which can transform skin texture, colour and reduce pore size for a clear and flawless appearance. By stimulating the production of natural collagen and other vital proteins vital for healthy and youthful skin, Quattro Toning is excellent too for diminishing acne scars, wrinkles, pigments, stretch marks, rough skin texture and enlarged pores at low downtime.

laser toning (How Laser Toning erases pigmentation.)

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Perfect Body: Coolsculpting + Radiofrequency


Stubborn fat is stubborn and if you’re not keen in going under the knives to get a voluptuous, hour-glass figure, hear this! Coolsculpting and Exilis Body Magic team up to reduce fat, eliminate cellulite and tighten body skin.

Coolsculpting is a revolutionary, non-invasive body shaping treatment that is a superb alternative to Liposuction. By freezing fat cells to death (Cryolipolysis), the body regains its contour. “At SW1 Clinic, we go the extra mile to ensure that your results are further enhanced by skin regenerating and lymphatic drainage therapy,” says Dr Low. “With Coolsculpting, we treat the overlying skin with TLC by ensuring immediate and optimal delivery of skin strengthening vitamins to the dermal layers to stimulate skin collagen, improving overall skin elasticity and tone,” added Dr Low. At SW1, Coolsculpting is done with an added difference (known as Coolshape) as several probes can be used at the same time, targetting several treatment areas simultaneously. Additionally, the treated area is lovingly massaged and lymphatic drainage optimised with Dream Body Tone while the overlying skin is soothed and hydrated with vitaminised cream to ensure optimal recovery from inside out.

To tackle ageing and sagging skin that can result from loss of fats, Exilis Body Magic to the rescue! Radiofrequency technology causes deep volumetric heating of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue to encourage natural renewal of new collagen for a tighter and smoother looking perfect body and skin gradually over a period of time. A simultaneous cooling on the surface skin during treatment will ensure protection and comfort.

The best things about this slimming duo? No injections, incisions or recovery time is required for to help you achieve your once slim, firm, smooth and contoured body shape.

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