A Cool Way to a Flatter Tummy

I have been an advocate of the ‘no pain, no gain’ way of life. That explains my thrice weekly boxing sessions and weekly long runs. But come the thirties and all hell broke loose, at least around my midsection.


In my quest for a quick fix to regain my previously flat-as-a-washboard tummy, I have become somewhat of an expert when it comes to aesthetic treatments to slim and firm the body. I have gone for body wraps, slimming massages, herbal baths, fat-melting saunas… just to name a few. But none of the above worked as well as a recent new therapy that I just discovered — Coolshape. (in fact some of the previous treatments did not work at all!)

“Stubborn fat often have a much higher amount of alpha-2 receptors, making it harder for those areas to release the nutrients that would then thin out those areas of the body” Dr Low Chai Ling, (ex-founder of The Sloane Clinic), current director of SW1 Clinic.

Coolshape uses the principle of cryolipolysis which has been around for some time. At the magical temperature below freezing point, fat cells are lysed (another word for busted into smithereens), then ultimately removed from the body. The great thing about Coolshape is that you can target the area or areas you would like to have treated, and it works not only only your usual run-of-the-mill fat but ‘stubborn’ fat. Now what is stubborn fat ? (does it actually exist I hear you ask)

Coolshape treats more than one area at a time in a more comfortable manner than traditional technology.

Stubborn fat

When you eat food, your body uses several processes to breakdown the food into several kinds of substances, one of which is glucose (also known as blood sugar). During this process, your body releases the hormone insulin which tells your liver, muscles, and fat tissue to grab that glucose in your blood and store it for later use. Your liver and muscles store the glucose differently as fat. Liver and muscles convert the substance into glycogen which expands the size of your muscles as well as your liver. However, your fat tissue convert the substance as triglycerides, which also expands your fat cells, unfortunately at the waistline and other unsightly areas. Now that we understand this process- how does that relate to stubborn fat?

According to Dr Low Chai Ling (previously founder of The Sloane Clinic) who now runs SW1 Clinic, one of the largest aesthetic and plastic surgery centers in Singapore, “When catecholamines are released in the body and attach to fat cells, there are two kinds of receptors that they can attach to that release the nutrients, the first are alpha-2 receptors and the others are beta-2 receptors. Alpha-2 receptors are less receptive to releasing the stored nutrients than beta-2 receptors”.

Dr Low says “So, fat that’s easy to lose has a higher percentage of beta-2 receptors than alpha-2. As well, stubborn fat often have a much higher amount of alpha-2 receptors, making it harder for those areas to release the nutrients that would then thin out those areas of the body”.

Coolshape Advantages over traditional cryolipolysis

Coolshape allows multiple treatment areas as it has more than a single handpiece. That was one of the main draw of the treatment for me. I wanted to treat both sides of my flanks at the same time. Previously when I had coolsculpting done, I could only do one area at one time which at 60minutes per area meant I had to spend 2 hours at the clinic (way longer than my lunch break would allow).

But the other reason why this new generation Coolshape works so much better and has less downtime is its innovative pulsating technology that is activated at the start and at the end of each cryolipolysis cycle. This ensures that the treated area is gently massaged and optimizes lymphatic flow and fat breakdown which results in more efficient fat drainage, quicker recovery and lower downtime.


The other niggly thing after losing all that fat is loose skin (ahhh! the perils of being a woman). Dr Low advised me to embark on Exilis Body Magic, a monopolar radiofrequency treatment that has variable modes to fluctuate the depth of tightening. In its deep-acting mode, it can tighten deep tissues and further melt fat, and in its superficial mode, it tightens overlying skin. At first I was slightly apprehensive about doing another treatment after a 60 minute coolshape therapy, but I was won over when I was told it was only 12 minutes! Tighter skin in 12 minutes– why not?

Exilis Body magic can be done as a standalone treatment at Dr Low’s SW1 clinic or as part of their Supermodel BodyFit Program. It feels so warm and comfortable after the ‘siberian’ deep-freeze mode of the Coolshape that it was almost a godsend to my frozen tissues. Immediately after, my skin definitely felt firmer, smoother and more supple!


I had a total of 3 sessions to my midsection and I must say I am very pleased with the results. Short of going under the knife, this is the quickest and safest way to get rid of excess fat in the quickest time! I would strongly advise adding some form of skin tightening treatment with your Coolshape treatment as both are synergistic to giving you the appearance of a smooth, firm and toned mid-section. Exilis Body Magic together with Coolshape was the perfect pairing for me, and for anyone looking for a tummy perfection.

SW1 Clinic is located on Level 13 of Orchard Paragon. Their contact telephone is 68178888. It is helmed by Dr Low Chai Ling and Dr Kenneth Lee, who also founded The Sloane Clinic in 2003. Their team of doctors who were also formerly from The Sloane Clinic include Dr Chua Han Boon, Dr Toby Hui, Dr Michelle Lim and plastic surgeon Dr Tan Ying Chien.









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