Detox by Magnet

How does one remove blackheads and attain perfectly clear skin?

Let me count thee ways…

1) Pore strips  63828-pink-star-cutouts2__85177.149271005163828-pink-star-cutouts2__85177.149271005163828-pink-star-cutouts2__85177.1492710051five-pointed-star-outline_318-40314five-pointed-star-outline_318-40314

I find this method inconsistent for me so it received my rating of 3 out of 5 stars. Some days, they do clear out some debris from my crater sized nasal pores, and at other times, they don’t do anything for my clogged pores. One word of caution: never do a pore strip on freshly lasered skin as I had the misfortune to do– it left me with a nasty burn!

2) Black Peel-off Mask  63828-pink-star-cutouts2__85177.149271005163828-pink-star-cutouts2__85177.1492710051five-pointed-star-outline_318-40314five-pointed-star-outline_318-40314five-pointed-star-outline_318-40314

2 stars out of 5. The most painful thing since…. well the last time I stubbed my toe and scraped my knee. The peeling process of the mask was excruciating for me. I am not sure I am brave enough to undergo this process on any regular basis. The mask also left my skin feeling slightly raw; i was told many versions use a variant of superglue which is known for its skin irritant effects.

3) Scrubs 63828-pink-star-cutouts2__85177.149271005163828-pink-star-cutouts2__85177.149271005163828-pink-star-cutouts2__85177.1492710051five-pointed-star-outline_318-40314five-pointed-star-outline_318-40314

Super comfortable, and in terms of ease of use, it comes out tops. But its not the most effective for stubborn clogged pores. This is more for regular skin exfoliation to keep dead cells at bay.

4) Face Peels 63828-pink-star-cutouts2__85177.149271005163828-pink-star-cutouts2__85177.149271005163828-pink-star-cutouts2__85177.149271005163828-pink-star-cutouts2__85177.1492710051five-pointed-star-outline_318-40314

I personally like face peels done at my local beautician. I get them every 3 months and while they do sting and tingle for a while, they leave my skin fresh and clean for weeks after. A word of caution: no sun is a must after peels, and I moisturise daily to keep flaking to a minimum.

5) Magnetite Mask  63828-pink-star-cutouts2__85177.149271005163828-pink-star-cutouts2__85177.149271005163828-pink-star-cutouts2__85177.149271005163828-pink-star-cutouts2__85177.149271005163828-pink-star-cutouts2__85177.1492710051

5 stars! I was recently introduced to a new concept of removing blackheads during a visit to SW1 clinic. Their Bardot facial is must-try. So named after the beauty icon Brigitte Bardot, this iconic facial starts off with a hydrafacial and combines a multi-coloured LED photobiomodulation light therapy, ending with a magnetic mask. It is this magnetic mask that has made me a convert. The black mask (named after the clinic from which it was formulated ‘SW1 Opposite Attract’) is formulated from special natural magnetite minerals from France, which sinks into pores to detox and dissolve debris. Then with the use of a magnet, the mask is removed from the surface of the skin. Voila! Clearer pores! My complexion has never felt clearer or looked better!



Bardot Facial is only available at SW1 Clinic at level 13, Paragon Medical Suites. SW1 is founded by Dr Low Chai Ling (ex-founder of The Sloane Clinic), and is one of the largest aesthetic and plastic surgery centers in Singapore.

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