Fresher Skin Guide

I have never thought of myself as a vainpot, but which girl will not covet that out-of-the-shower glow?

Especially when it gets more elusive with each passing year…


The difference between great skincare and mediocre skincare becomes ever so apparent when I hit my 30s and my complexion took a nosedive. Previously any OTC cream is as good as the other but recent years, my skin has become somewhat of a skincare snob. It clearly craved the high quality ingredients only found in specialised cosmeceuticals, and turned its nose down at the cheaper imitations.

My vanity cupboard has become a mini beauty counter, or a walking advertisement for what not to buy.  Bottles that are half-full sit forlornly on the shelves clamouring for my attention, only to be snubbed. Sad to say, my skin has become a picky skincare connoisseur.


Here is a round-up of the hits and misses of 2017:


Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser: love at first foam. it really keeps my skin fresh and clean.

Purlisse Blue lotus moisturiser: soothing cream that helps me prevent breakouts too

SW1 White Plasma: this skin whitening, brightening miracle gel is a godsend for anyone looking to transform their complexion into an even toned perfection.

Cryoslush: Technically, not a skincare bit it well-deserves a mention. I love love this fantastic dry ice vapour + vitamin therapy from SW1 therapy — a cool add-on to finish off facials. at SW1 clinic. It left my skin with a long lasting glow as the vaporised vitamins were deposited into my pores!


Clinique dramatically different moisturiser: breakout like a bitch after

Mario badescu anti acne serum: dried my skin up like a prune

Murad clarifying toner: irritated my skin

To round up, there are more hits than misses, so overall ending the year on a positive note!


SW1 Clinic is located on level 13 Paragon. They can be contacted at 65-68178888.








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