Braving Through Botox: Your guide to easy and safe Botox fixes

You have probably heard of Botox, the cosmetic injection that temporarily weakens muscles after injection. In case you didn’t know, Botox is actually the brand name of a particular strain of neurotoxin called botulium toxin. For the aesthetics novice, the name resonates with a certain fear, and usually the idea of an unnatural, frozen facial expression comes to mind.

The thing is, cosmetic doses of Botox are diluted and injected in very small amounts. They are not dangerous and can do wonders for rejuvenation. Botox is not limited to de-creasing wrinkles, and is increasingly used by younger people to “pre-juvenate” – a fancy word for anti-aging prevention measures.

Here are 11 easy and safe cosmetic fixes of Botox!

1.Iron the wrinkles out

Minute injections of Botox are injected to soften the appearance of wrinkles usually on the forehead, for the frown lines between the eyebrows and outside the eyes (crow’s feet). The idea is to relax the muscles only enough to improve the appearance of the lines, but they should not freeze the expression, otherwise it can look scary and unnatural.

2. Open my eyes

This is interesting, because relaxing the brow depressor muscles will result in a brow lift! The open eye effect is definitely refreshing but do find an experienced doctor or you might risk looking like Spock from Star Trek.

3. Turn up the tip

This is not the miracle treatment for flat noses, because Botox can’t do anything for the nose bridge. But if you have a downturned nose tip, injecting Botox into the bottom of the septum can give it the perfect swoop – raising the nose tip. If this doesn’t sound good enough, read the next one.

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4. Smaller Nostrils please

For those disgruntled noses, Botox can be injected into the sides of the nostrils to reduce unattractive nasal flare and reshape the nose.

5. Fix a gummy smile

Ever seen someone with the wide “horse-teeth” gummy smile? Causes of this may be big gums, but more often than not, it is caused by strong facial muscles. This can be fixed with Botox injections around the upper lip but ensure your doctor injects this with prudence, because less is more, especially in this area!

6. Get rid of the bunny lines

While certainly cuter-sounding than crow’s feet, the other wrinkle named after an animal is no less troubling: bunny lines. You may not be familiar with their name, but these tiny creases around the nose are actually pretty common. They appear when you scrunch up your nose, and disappear when you don’t. A little Botox here will weaken the muscles that bunch the skin up. Easy peasy!

7. Correct the “golf ball” chin

Not very polite to have your chin named like how it looks, in this case. Chin dimples due to a strong mentalis muscle can be smoothened with 2 small Botox injections at the base of the chin. Another easy fix!

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8. Jaw Slimming

Teeth grinders and the square jawed may have their lower faces slimmed with Botox injected directly into their masseters, the muscles of mastication. Don’t worry, cosmetic doses of Botox rarely cause complete paralysis of this strong muscle. Expect a little soreness in the first week, and a slimmer jaw can be noticed after 4 weeks.

9. Wet and yucky armpits no more

Underarm hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating) is a struggle that people with dry armpits will never comprehend, and sweating buckets in the underarms is easily the most mortifying experience on a first date, during a presentation, or a performance… you get the idea. The other alternative involves clamping the nerves that supply the sweat glands (ouch), so Botox becomes the perfect underarm anti-perspirant for people who suffer from the sweaty issue.

10. Lift Me Up

Who would have thought diluted Botox in small minute injections can mimick a mini-facelift?!

11. Pore Perfection

A potentially promising use for Botox to reduce acne is to paralyze the sebaceous glands (oil producing glands) without affecting the muscles. This involves careful placement of a much smaller amount of Botox directly into the skin, without affecting the muscles. Pores are also significantly minimized.


As always, find a doctor who is experienced in injecting Botox, and if in doubt, always ask for less, in case it becomes too stiff for your liking. Botox can be easily touched up if you feel the effect is too light, but once it’s been put into the muscle, any regrets will need to be waited out until its effects wear off.

Made by: Allergan
Time to kick in: Three to five days
Lasts for: Three to Six months

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