5 Things Every Bride Should Do before the Big Day

Picture this, wedding bells are ringing and you realise you have been attacked by pimples; or this scene whereby you realise a bulge where it shouldn’t have been during your second fitting. These are some of a bride’s worst nightmares (as if there aren’t enough things to worry about) so to help you avoid any last minute fiascos, we have rounded up some top beauty tips and treatments to ensure you look radiant and picture perfect on your big day.

A Visit to the Tooth Angel

1240x-biglips2With your smile being one of the most important aspects of your bridal look on the special day, it is a must to pearly up those whites! If you are a coffee, tea or red wine aficionado who isn’t seeing results with overhyped home teeth whitening kits (no surprise), don’t hesitate to consult with dentists. These tooth-angels are your best bets to achieving that megawatt smile before you walk down the aisle. Furthermore, according to Dr Huang Shiming, Dental Surgeon at TP Dental, “Dealing with complex cases such as teeth sensitivity requires expert management before teeth whitening can be safely done.” You wouldn’t want to damage your teeth in the midst of planning for this joyous occasion, would you? Head down to a dental clinic and see brighter and healthier teeth in 2 to 3 weeks.

Reward Your Skin

facialThe months leading up to your wedding also happen to be the perfect excuse time to shower yourself with some TLC, addressing some imperfections you’ve always wished gone included. Too strong a jawline? Botox can fix that. Been lusting after fuller lips? Just a tad of fillers to boost their sex appeal.

Regular facials can maintain a flawless and coveted complexion from proposal to the actual day. A clinical face treat like 24K Uplift which utilises Sygmalift technology – both unique ultrasound for skin lifting and cold laser for toning skin – radically tightens skin, improves contours of the neck and jawline for a V-shaped visage and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Better yet, this 90-minute treatment stimulates collagen renewal for supple and youthful skin. As we all look forward to a “happily ever after”, give our skin the happy ending it deserves too. Available as an add-on, happy ending feeds skin a potent cocktail of adenosine, beta glucan and glutathione for the ultimate solution to looking your best, even days beyond the vow exchange.

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Don’t Save on the Pros

hire prosHiring bridal hair and make-up artists may seem like an additional expense but it is a necessary one. Trust us when we say you wouldn’t want to be stressed out doing your own makeup, even if you are a self-professed makeup professional, with the clock ticking down to the final moments.

Grace Mahoney, CEO and Principal Designer of Blushing Brides, adds that it is wise to hire a vendor that does both hair and makeup. “Simplifying things on the day of the wedding is key! You can save time and cost when not dealing with multiple companies.” Arrange for a hair and makeup trial and experience a swift and enjoyable makeover. A skilled, experienced and understanding stylist can really help you feel comfortable and look like a stunning celebrity with makeup and hairdo that is on point.

Sweat It

workoutAnxious about losing weight for your wedding? You’re not alone. We get that in order to look your absolute best, you will be getting into a diet and exercise regimen. Twenty minutes of cardiovascular training, three to five times a week coupled with a healthy diet can help you to drop a few pounds and look more toned. However, stubborn fats may thwart your grand plan of fitting beautifully into your mermaid skirt or ball gown and show up as undesirable bulges.

Complement your fitness and nutrition plan with Coolshape, a treatment that uses Cryolipolysis (freezing) to destroy fat cells. “When combined with additional treatments, Coolshape can eliminate up to 40% fat cells permanently and help to dramatically shape the body,” says Dr Kenneth Lee, Founder of SW1 Clinic. For the ambitious, Supermodel Bodyfit Program, which harnesses the synergetic effect of three cutting edge technologies – Coolshape, Dream Body Tone and Exilis Body Magic – that slim, tone and contour, is the sure fire way to an enviably slim and curvaceous figure.

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Knead Your Stress Away

massagePlanning for a wedding is no easy feat (even with a wedding planner around) but when your back starts aching and shoulders feel sore, remember to step back and recharge. Indulge in a therapeutic massage to work out the kinks in your body and relax the mind. This temporary escape from the stress and anxiety is both good for your mental health and skin. As massages can boost blood circulation, skin becomes nourished and rejuvenated, enhancing your beauty and radiance. Many spas also offer couples massage to refuel the love. Brides-to-be, there’s no need to put a cap on self-indulgent spa treats and massages.

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