The Top 3 Things Older Women Wish They Knew About Aging

When I was 18, the last thing on my mind was the future of my skin and any advice bestowed fell on deaf ears as I blatantly took my supple skin for granted. Now, just a year shy of the 3-0, my face is littered with the early signs of aging. While there’s hope in regaining a flawless complexion (think lasers, chemical peels and threadlifts), it’s secondary to prevention. So, in a bid to avoid more #beautyregrets, I asked women aged over 50 to share what they wish they knew about aging and here are the 3 that came up the most.

1. A tan is Overhyped


Cora: “Back in the day, sunbathing was a big thing; it showed you had the money and luxury of time to travel. Because of those times spent on tanning beds, I started having pigmentation on my face in my late twenties and I think my skin condition just deteriorated after that. Well, I guess I was fortunate because I had a colleague who was a tanning addict and she sadly passed on due to skin cancer.”

Do not belittle the Sun. Besides religiously applying sunscreen every day and staying out of the star whenever possible, popping supplements like Crystal Tomato can delay if not reverse signs of aging. This age-defying pill contains powerful carotenoids that are proven to inhibit melanin synthesis – the onset of pigmentation – and grant you skin brightening and whitening benefits.

Amazing results after NeoGen PSR treatment showing significant improvement in deep lines and skin tone and texture around the eye area.

If the damage is done and skin withers under deep wrinkles, Crow’s Feet, pigmentation and Melasma, bet on cutting-edge skin rejuvenating treatment like NeoGen PSR. By utilising a unique nitrogen plasma technology to provide consistent, controlled rapid heating over treated areas, NeoGen PSR promotes collagen remodelling for cell regeneration and skin firming. Pair it with SmartX, an advanced device that combines advanced fractional CO2 technology with a high-speed computer scanner, to erase resistant pigmentation, scars and wrinkles. Skin is utterly revitalised, helping you move past the obvious mistake of excessive suntanning in your youth.

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2. Beauty Goes Up in Smoke

Deborah: “I started smoking when I was 16 because it was the cool thing to do and did I have a hard time quitting! I eventually did but let me tell you, what they say is all true – smoking does nothing for your health, wallet and skin. It aged me so fast! I will advice teenagers and adults today to never pick up the habit.”

Smoking is infamous for making skin look sallow and creating wrinkles especially around the corners of the eyes and above the upper lip amongst other tell-tale signs that ruin your looks. As it also cuts the body’s absorption of Vitamin C, an important component for collagen production, by up to 60%, no amount of botox, fillers or lasers can effectively restore a youthful visage if smoking is your top priority. Take heed and quit. Then, let the experts do their magic of returning you a radiant, supple and smooth complexion.

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3. Love Y-O-U

love quotes

Susan: “Aging is a fact of life so I always tell my daughter that instead of chasing the highs of being beautiful – many are obsessed with cosmetic surgeries these days – we should take aging in stride and be kind to ourselves and love our imperfections. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against beauty enhancements; I’m saying it’s best not to overdo it and that it’s just as important to take care of our well-being.”

Start being grateful for the little things and tell yourself just how beautiful you are! Self-neglect shows in skin and speeds up the aging process. Treat yourself to refreshing and rejuvenating facials and experience the difference in mood and skin health.



SW1 Spa by SW1 Clinic offers Oxy shots as add-ons to facial treatments like Aqua-dermabrasion or Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing to instantly detoxify and recharge skin. This infusion of pure oxygen into skin clears pesky skin congestion, spurs healing, reduces inflammation to restore brilliant and healthy skin to aid you in conquering environmental assaults.

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