Is Intermittent Fasting the Answer to a Slimmer Future?

Still, fasting isn’t fool-proof.

Like other diets, it might be tough to stick to. Roughly a third of the people assigned to both dieting groups dropped out before their year was up, compared with about a quarter of the people in the control or non-dieting group. Also, many of the people in the fasting group gradually appeared to slide into old dieting habits, meaning that by the end of the trial they were effectively doing regular calorie-restriction rather than alternate-day fasting.

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Extra Help.

According to Dr Julinda Lee, the key to healthier (and slimmer) you is to cut down on your intake of sugar. It seems that sugar substitutes come out no safer (even many forms of honey are adulterated these days) so your only salvation is to curb your sweet tooth and de-program your body to need less sugar in the long run.

Besides focusing on numbers on the weighing scale, it is also important to realise that when it comes to weight, this is one instance whereby numbers do lie. Muscles are denser than fat; when you start replacing body fat with lean muscle, you will look more toned despite not dropping pounds. Targeting less-than-ideal body parts with proven fat-busting, cellulite-smoothening therapies may be key to achieving your dream physique safely. Dr Low Chai Ling from SW1 Clinic says her patients find Supermodel Bodyfit Program which combines cryolipolysis Coolshape and radiofrequency-based Exilis Body Magic helpful to tone and firm up troubling body areas.

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