Beauty Treats That Are Out Of This World

From cool color-changing products to the nasty vampire and snail facials, the beauty industry is flooded with interesting (and some eyebrow-raising) treatments. Which are worth investing in? We take a closer look at some fascinating beauty treatments that deliver out of this world experience and are worth the hype.

Cold as Ice


We know light can either improve or damage our skin. What about temperature? Heat-based beauty treatments are making way for treatments that are employing the cold. A body-shaping procedure has been the talk of the town lately: Coolshape. It uses the process Cryolipolysis to freeze stubborn fat to their death, representing a superb alternative to surgical liposuction.

“The treated area is subjected to very low temperatures and under such a condition, fat cells simply cannot survive. They become permanently injured and gradually die. These dead cells are then naturally removed by the body over time.

The slimming and contouring effect improve over the course of several weeks with recent studies reporting a predictable 25% of fat removal in the first treatment alone,” explained Dr Chua Han Boon, Senior Medical Consultant at SW1 Clinic.

For those seeking a body transformation, Supermodel Bodyfit Program is designed for you. It combines the attractive fat-eliminating Coolshape with body-toning Dream Body Tone and skin-tightening Exilis Body Magic to attack stubborn fat from all sides, granting you smoother, firmer skin as well as a more accentuated body shape.

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This next beauty treat is sure to leave you a convert. Made famous by the Victoria’s Secret Models, Oxygen facials are a skin necessity you can’t live without! Oxygen in its pure, high concentrated form breathes new life into dull and tired skin, turning up skin’s health and radiance. Since its addition, O2 Blush by SW1 Spa has been gaining huge following. It delivers not one, but three forms of oxygenated therapies – an oxygenating detox pre-mask, an oxygen wrap and a full face Oxy Shot therapy – to rejuvenate and revitalize skin. Star-worthy skin is just an appointment away!

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Draws You Closer

We recently tried the Bardot Hydrafacial which features this Magnetite Mask and we couldn’t wrap our heads around the amazing skin sensation and effect thereafter. Magnetic minerals have taken the Internet by storm lately, touted for its ability to draw out impurities from the skin, combat pollutants and also, a fun DIY facial experience.

So, good thing this particular mask – Opposites Attract – that we had tried can be bought separately. This tub, infused with black tourmaline, peptides and antioxidants, deeply cleanses pores and feeds it skin-loving essentials that skin feels refreshed, tighter and smoother in just 5-10 minutes. Incredible! And with all the junk gone, skin glows beautifully.

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