3 Quick Ways to Get Kissable Lips

Lips are central to beauty and sensuality; its volume and symmetry associated with youth and attractiveness. Chapped, dull lips indicate dehydration and neglect while lips that appear disproportionate can be unappealing. Here are 3 immediate ways you can get fuller and healthier puckers to boost your confidence and desirability.

1) Lipcare

Taking good care of your lips is important for sexy lips. A quick exfoliation paves way for smooth lips! Keep lips looking soft and supple with simple DIY lip-cials like making a homemade scrub and mask out of sugar and honey.

If you’re thinking of a lip balm to nourish the lips, we suggest ditching it for Chai Rose Gold Regenerating Serum. While it’s made for the face, this beautiful, nourishing serum can be used as a moisturising, lip-healing, gloss. Packed with pink gold extracts, Alguronic Acid, microalgae oil and a potent Vitamin C derivative, this best-selling concentrate revitalises as well as imparts an alluring sheen. Just several dabs and you’re closer to delicious lips.

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2) A Splash of Colour

With a wide array of coloured lipsticks – from light to dark and even bright shades – there’s a perfect shade for you. Play up your beauty with this season’s hottest lipstick trends. Create red hot lips with long-lasting Giorgio Armani Beauty Lip Magnet Liquid Lipstick or go peach with creamy Tom Ford Lip Color in Bare Peach.

“Don’t forget to first apply a lip liner to define a lip border that will enhance overall appearance of those puckers,” adds Celebrity Makeup Artist, Christina Moore, who dropped a second tip.

“Fake fuller and juicier lips with carefully-placed highlighter to Cupid’s bows.”

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3) Lip Boosters

“As we age, our lips develop lines, become thinner and can even become inverted,” says Dr Michelle Lim, Senior Aesthetic Consultant at SW1 Clinic. Where makeup can no longer hide the signs of aging, lip injections or fillers can help address these issues.

According to Dr Lim, a treatment like Revitalift Lips, which introduces hyaluronic acid into lips via microinjections, can refresh the lips and smoothen away fine lines. On the other hand, to add volume to lips, fillers like Juvederm are more ideal to plump lips.

“To treat lip eversions where the lips turn inwards due to age, a touch of Botox can do wonders,” says Dr Lim.

In under 30 minutes, these lip boosters seriously amp up your lips’ sex appeal!

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