5 Skin Care Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

“Invest in your skin. It’s going to represent you for a long time.” – Linden Tyler

This read lets you avoid some of the worst skincare mistakes so your skin will thank you in years to come.

1. Skipping Daily Sunscreen or Not Using Sufficient Coverage

5 Skin Care Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

You’ve probably heard this a million times: the Sun is a huge contributor to premature aging. Would you rather be looking 50 at 30? We don’t think so. Thus, it’s a must to get into the habit of applying sunscreen – and not just any sunscreen mind you – before stepping out the door daily.

To protect skin adequately and delay the onset of wrinkles, it’s as important to apply a sunscreen of SPF 30 and above as it is not to be stingy about the amount you’re using. If you go for a lightweight sunscreen like SW1 Beach Hat UV-Protection Oil-Free Lotion, we bet you’ll fall in love with it for its incredible sun-shielding benefit, you never want to be anywhere without it.

2. Using Alcohol-based Toners

Toners shouldn’t be left out in our skincare regime. They help to moisturise skin and even skin tone for that supple and revitalised complexion but more critically, they also help to carry active ingredients of your serums deeper within the skin where they are more effective. One tip: though toners should be used daily, using one loaded with alcohol will only dehydrate your skin and cause an increase in dull cell buildup. A good toner shouldn’t cause dryness after use.

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3. Showing No (or Wrong) Love to Blemishes


Zits, pimples, acne or blemishes, call this pesky skin problem whatever you want, but there’s no escaping the fact that most people will get them at certain periods in their life. When they rear their ugly head, fight the instinct to pick at them as you may be causing more skin damage than good.

Instead, apply a spot treatment cream like SW1 Clear Bliss Clearing and Soothing Gel. This genius ultra-light gel is perfect for troubled skin as it soothes inflammation and clarifies skin for a clearer complexion.

SW1 Shop Clear Bliss Clearing and Soothing Gel

However, according to Dr Low Chai Ling, Founder of SW1 Clinic, it’s best to consult a dermatologist before self-prescribing because there are many factors, such as wrong application of treatment on the wrong kind of blemish, that could result in scars that seem never to fade.

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4. Not Giving Your Neck Equal Treatment

This is another skincare mistakes you need to stop making. By now, most of us should know not to neglect the neck. It ages too! Hence, while the neck gets some moisturisers or on some good days, sunscreen, most women are feeding it leftovers. That means, it doesn’t get adequate protection from environmental aggressors and skin essentials. Start showering your décolletage with more TLC! You might also want to turn to cosmetic procedures like neck threadlifts, Thermage or Ulthera to make up for the “abuses” you’ve subjected it to.

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5. Excessive Exfoliation

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Whilst it’s critical to exfoliate so dead skin does not pile up and clog pores, triggering breakouts, avoid excessive exfoliation. “Exfoliating more than once a week can do damage to skin – injuring healthy cells, resulting in skin flaking, dehydration and even possible hyperpigmentation due to a stimulation of melanin activity,” explained Dr Low. Exfoliators that contain aggressive ingredients may “burn” skin as well. Therefore, pick a gentle bottle and exfoliate gently in circular motions.


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