5 Ways to be a Man Magnet

Love them or hate them, man magnets are here to stay. They may be of supermodel caliber but is a goddess-like appearance alone appealing to men? We delve into the science of attraction – what factors are men subconsciously looking for in a woman – so you can raise up the beauty ladder (and stay there).


ways to be a man magnet-minAmber Heard’s face was 91.85% accurate to the Greek Golden Ratio, the universal indicator of beauty.

Symmetry plays a huge role in the science of attraction. Having facial symmetry indicates good genes, health and attractiveness. Combine a symmetrical face and body with flawless complexion for the ultimate killer look.

Beauty Boosters: Rhinoplasties, brow lifts and facial threadlifts can all improve your facial symmetry and get you closer to the Golden Ratio. Talk to a skilled aesthetic doctor for options.


Another common attribute that men find attractive is long hair. Regardless of colour unless it’s individual preference, most men prefer women with luscious hair as it signifies femininity and health.

Beauty Boosters: Besides adopting healthy hair habits like not damaging hair with extremely hot styling tools, regular Revage 670 Laser sessions can increase hair density by 40% for a stronger and beautiful mane.

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A woman’s curves lure men like a magnet because it’s been wired in them that a wider hip and bigger, proportionate-looking breasts signify superb fertility and childbearing ability.

Beauty Boosters: Targeted exercises like butt and thigh workouts can firm and shape your figure. Help from a tailored beauty contouring and slimming program like the Supermodel Bodyfit Program which combines 3 advanced technologies – Coolshape, Dream Body Tone and Exilis Body Magic – melts stubborn body fat and tightens skin, accentuating your body to achieve that desirable hourglass figure.



A man magnet completes the allure with high, breathy voices (yes, on top of full lips). A higher pitched voice is associated with youth as women’s voices tend to get lower with age.

Beauty Boosters: Try less shrieking, nagging and more baby-talking or what Koreans call ‘aegyo’ to really tug at a man’s heartstrings.

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man magnet-min

Tired eyes with droopy eyelids, which are associated with age, speak volumes about one’s youthfulness and health. For those reasons, men are attracted to big and bright eyes.

Beauty Boosters: If you’re not seeing results with a Retinol eye cream, try speaking to an expert. An in-clinic treatment like Revitalift Eye can quickly replenish critical hyaluronic acid in the undereye area via microinjections to diminish dark eye circles and rejuvenate eyes.


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