Beauty Enhancements for Fortune

The East believes that one’s fortune and health can be read off the face. With the 2018 Lunar New Year celebrations around the corner, enhance your beauty with these widely popular cosmetic treatments so you prosper in the Year of the Dog. With the rush to look stunning for house visits and reunion dinners, remember to book your treatments early!

Beauty Enhancements for FortunePLUMP CHEEKS

Beauty Enhancements for Fortune1-min

With age, cheeks lose their volume and skin starts to sag like a bull dog. According to fortune tellers, prominent supple cheeks are indicative of wealth, fortune and attractiveness.

Beauty Booster: Start plumping those cheeks with hyaluronic acid facial volumizers in a face treat like Volume High Definition Lift at SW1 Clinic, one of the largest aesthetic clinics in Singapore. In under 15 minutes, you’ll have paved way for a better fortune with lesser wrinkles and fuller cheeks. Dab on some blusher for that burst of vitality.

Beauty Enhancements for FortuneFILL EARLOBES

Hoping to win strike a lottery or be promoted at work? Having long, fleshy earlobes may help. This is because many Chinese believe such earlobes are like the Buddha’s and denote extremely good luck and fortune.

Beauty Booster: Fill earlobes with fillers. Fillers also reduce the size of your saggy earholes so those big diamond earrings sit better.

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Beauty Enhancements for FortuneBEAUTIFY LIPS

Beauty Enhancements for Fortune2-min (1)

Lips with a little rounded protrusion on the top of lips, known as pearl lip, signify good fortune. Additionally, lips that are soft and succulent means a good flow of luck.

Beauty Booster: Get winning lips with SW1 Clinic’s Revitalift Lips which uses tiny microinjections of hyaluronic acid to create the illusion of pearl lips. This natural filler treatment also instantly rejuvenates and revitalizes dull, chapped and lined lips. Wealth and a smooth-sailing year await!

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Beauty Enhancements for FortuneHIGH FOREHEAD

Labelled the “prosperity mountain”, individuals blessed with high, rounded, smooth and slightly protruding foreheads are said to possess the potential for wealth and for authority. On the other hand, a forehead with blemishes and lines are considered bad luck and will cloud your fortune.

Beauty Booster: Erase frown lines and worry lines with Botox injections. Make way for good fortune by clearing pigmentations and scars with laser treatments. SW1 Clinic designed Porcelain Skin Program around the revolutionary Pico Pigment Laser for heavy-duty work of diminishing blemishes to uncover a luminous complexion.

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Beauty Enhancements for FortuneBEAUTIFUL NOSE

The nose being a central facial feature offers an important “glimpse” into our future. While a fleshy nose is a strong indicator of wealth, it needs to be complemented with a high bridge to HUAT (a Chinese term for prosperity).

Beauty Booster: Infinity Nose Threadlift uses 100% bio-absorbable threads as anchors to create a sharper and more defined nose. You’ll be looking smarter and more confident with lady luck shining on you!


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