Get Everyday Clear Skin in 7 Steps

Being a student comes with “perks” like having breakouts from stress unless you’re blessed with good genes. You think? I’m sure having flawless and supple skin is some parts hereditary, but adopting healthy habits (not smoking and staying up too late) coupled with having a holistic skincare routine are as critical to keeping the flare-ups at bay. As a busy student myself, this is the skincare routine I stick to to achieve a clear and healthy-looking complexion. I’m sharing it here so hopefully it can help you too!

My skin’s a combination skin type with dry parts and an oily T zone so I do get the occasional pimples and skin becomes irritated with redness. When this happens, I rely on SW1 and chái cosmeceutical products because they really really really work! So much so that I actually splurge on these products!

Difference between SW1 vs Chái

SW1 products are formulated with unique active ingredients that are potent and deliver quick results while chái products are derived from a myriad of natural and organic sources in France, so that means more gentle on skin.

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Everyday Clear Skin Starts Here

For viewers who prefer to watch the video, here it is!

Please go ahead and ignore my serious dark eye circles from the late nights.

Step 1: Makeup needs to go! I use SW1 Skin Gym Deep Cleansing Gel to remove light makeup, excess sebum and dirt on skin. I simply apply the gel with moistened hands, lather and rinse off.

Step 2: Next, I use Chái Gold Flakes Illuminating Facial Scrub (it’s infused with champagne and pearl extracts!) to exfoliate skin, just once a week. I remember Dr Michelle Lim, Senior Aesthetic Consultant at SW1 Clinic, sharing with me when I went for a skin analysis that it’s important to exfoliate skin once a week to clear the skin-clogging dead cells to minimise chances of a breakout.

If you’re interested, the skin analysis is part of SW1 Clinic’s Glow Up initiative to empower students to look and feel good. Under this program, students can arrange for a free consultation with their dermatologists.


Step 3: Next up is the silver glitter mask! I’m always excited for this because the mask is really pretty. I mix Chái Pearl Eclat Mask and Chái Mask Activator before applying to face. Then, I leave it on for about 20-30 minutes while I binge watch Netflix. Currently, this mask which is packed with a cocktail of antioxidants is only sold in the clinic.

Step 4: I combine a small amount of Chái Citrine Pure Vitamin C Elixir & Powder and pat on face. If you haven’t heard, Vitamin C has a slew of benefits including protecting skin from damaging free radicals from UV rays.

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Step 5: Chái Rose Gold Regenerating Serum goes on the lips! It’s actually meant for soothing and hydrating skin but once I tried it on my lips because Dr Michelle said I could, I was blown away with the results. It’s like a very expensive lip gloss that refreshes and revitalises my lips. Chapped lips be gone! Fine, I admit I’m sold again by the pink gold extracts in the bottle.


Step 6: After which, I slather on the White Plasma Whitening & Illuminating Serum. It contains Tranexamic Acid and Ascorbic Acid to tackle age, sun and dark spots. Although I don’t have these pigmentations now, Dr Michelle recommends to start taking a preventive approach to aging so, you know, I wouldn’t have to spend too much on laser treatments in the future.

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Step 7: Lastly, apply sunscreen generously on face. I love the SW1 Beach Hat UV-Protection Oil-Free Lotion because it’s so lightweight I don’t feel I’ve got it on. Not to mention it gives a beautiful matte finish.



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