Time To Toss These Beauty Products

It’s easy to tell when foods like milk and veggies go bad but what about that favourite lipstick of yours that you have held dear since…you can’t remember when? Or that hair serum that’s been sitting on your shelf for the longest time? Using expired beauty products is not just gross (over time, they have become a breeding ground for bacteria), it can also cause problems for your skin like in severe cases, burns and skin irritations. Look out for these “red-flags” which signal the time is up for these products and it is high time to toss them out.



Do you have a signature shade? While it probably won’t last you a full year, a lipstick is considered safe to use for up to a year if kept properly. Thus, if you’ve got a favourite shade that is also limited in edition, you should know it’s useless trying to preserve its content, hoping it can last forever. Daily exposure to skin oils, bacteria and oxygen are causes that reduce its shelf life.

Warning sign: When it’s dried out, looks cracked or the colour has changed.

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Moisturizers are daily staples for your skin and many of us invest in it in order to achieve our dream of hydrated, supple and healthy skin. For that reason, we should be dedicated to making sure our concentrates are still going strong. A moisturizer, no matter how good it is, should pave way for the new and more effective after a year.

Warning sign: Moisturizers belong in the trash if there’s a change in colour or even smell.

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hair serum-min

Is it just me or every other trip to the hairdresser’s yields yet another bottle of hair serum? Recommended by hair stylists, especially if we perm or dye our mane (that leaves all of us), hair potions may pack a punch, but they don’t last as long as we think they should. Their shelf life diminishes from 3 years to about a year after opening.

While they do not necessarily go bad as they are packaged well – usually in squeeze tubes or pump bottles – eliminating contamination, they lose their mojo and can no longer protect or nourish our strands as effectively with passing time.

Warning sign: Toss when texture or smell is off.

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