15-Minute Remedies for Dry Skin, Hair, Lips and Eyes

Dry, itchy, flaking skin doesn’t just scream neglect, it also brings out wrinkles if the problem persists. For many, dry skin is not caused by a skin condition or disease, but simply their skin crying SOS due to the use of harsh soaps and exposure to hot showers and dry air. Thus, we share 15-minute remedies to help relieve you of the annoying itch you’ve got from dry skin, hair, lips and eyes.



Has your hair lost its shine? Is it brittle? If left untreated, dry hair may be a sign of more serious hair issues in the making like hair thinning or hair loss. Jim, a celebrity hairstylist, explains that common causes of dry hair such as sun exposure, heat styling and humidity, can be a precursor to a dry scalp, which could increase risk of infection. Yikes!

Remedies: “I always advice to apply a hair rejuvenation product to restore dry and damaged hair and protect it from environmental aggressors such as sun, salt and chlorine,” says Jim. For expert hair care, opt for Revitascalp. It is a quick procedure that delivers targeted blasts of nutrients including vitamin B12, folic acid, protein-building amino acids and clinically proven Minoxidil to deeply nourish scalp and hair for stronger, smoother and healthier strands.


These days, the air inside can be as punishing on your skin as the air outside. Whether it’s in air-conditioned offices or out on the slopes in winter, the dry air reduces humidity, stripping skin of moisture. This can cause skin irritation and dryness.

Rose_Ginseng_500xSW1 Rose Ginseng Ginseng-Infused Brightening Facial Toner is infused with AHAs to refresh, recharfe and restore normal to dry skin types. 

Remedies: Apart from your usual skincare regimen of applying moisturisers daily and masks at least twice a week, Dr Michelle Lim, Senior Aesthetic Consultant at SW1 Clinic, one of the largest aesthetic clinics in Singapore, recommends keeping a facial mist handy. “A spritz immediately replenishes moisture, relieving skin dryness.” She adds that a Happy Ending facial add-on, which introduces skin to a potent cocktail of adenosine, beta glucan and glutathione, is the ideal choice for those seeking a boost in their skin health. “In less than 15 minutes, skin is refreshed and revitalised.”

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Chapped lips are not a pretty sight. They’re made worse when we instinctually lick our lips. “Our saliva is not designed to moisturise our lips. It contains enzymes which breaks down the thin skin of our lips,” explains Dr Michelle.

Remedies: Lip balms to the rescue! However, avoid ingredients like camphor or menthol which do not provide much moisture. Alternatively, consider Revitalift Lips for instant hydration of lips that lasts. Tiny drops of natural hyaluronic acid are injected into lips to moisturise lips and smooth away fine lines for supple and healthy-looking puckers.

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Normal, healthy skin is coated in a thin layer of natural lipids or fatty substances. They lock in moisture for soft and supple skin. When environmental aggressors such as heat or humidity strips away this layer, it leaves skin unprotected, leading to dry skin that may become red from irritations and rough to the touch.

Gentle-Skin-Cleanser-16oz_Front__97600.1509136454.356.300Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is a mild, non-irritating formulation that soothes skin as it cleans.

Remedies: Simple steps such as avoiding skin-burning, hot showers and using a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser can salvage dry skin. Top it off with a body oil or lotion immediately after shower for smooth and hydrated skin.

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Your eyes can dry out from staring at screens for long periods of time especially for wearers of contact lens. According to Dr Lim, tears lubricate the eyes and protect against any irritants. Hence, decreased tear production can easily lead to an eye infection.

Remedies: To relief eye strain, rest eyes by closing them for 3-second intervals 5 times in a row. Look at far away objects. You can also quickly soothe dry eyes with eye drops or a cold compress.

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