4 Sure-Fire Ways to Look Polished and Well-Groomed (Fashion Edition)

This is the second part guide to looking polished and well-groomed. In the earlier article (if you have not read it, you should, right here), we shared 4 quick beauty tips to transform into a lady who look put together. Combine them with these 4 fashion tips and voila! You’ll be looking effortlessly chic and immaculate all the time people start wondering how you make it look so easy.

1) Stand up Straight

Your grandmother, mother and dance teacher were right: poor posture like slouching not only affects your health in the long run, it also conveys an air of insecurity. No matter what you’re wearing and how you’re feeling, standing tall (not stiff) instantly helps you project confidence.


Therefore, correct poor postures with yoga or exercises for the upper body. If you’re lover of tech gadgets (who’s a fitbit fan?), investing in a device like a Lumo Lift, a small posture-tracking device that forces you to stand and sit straight by vibrating when you slouch, can be helpful.

2) Update Your Wardrobe


Clearing out clothes that you have left to collect dust for a year and more or scream age help make way for newer designs. “Whites are prone to yellow especially if you’re a bleach user, so once the white starts to dull, they need to go,” says Felicia, a celebrity Stylist & Makeup Artist. She adds that classic and versatile pieces doesn’t mean it has to be boring – throw on a navy blazer or accessorise with timeless, not trendy pieces as they can quickly look dated.

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3) Make friends with a Tailor


If you haven’t been to a tailor by 25, it’s high time you do. As compared to apparels that are too tight or too loose, apparels that fit perfectly immediately elevate your status and give off a sleek and confident impression. According to Felicia, a common dressing mistake is not altering pants to fit body frames. She says, “Work pants or jeans bought from stores are seldom of the perfect length. To avoid looking sloppy, you should have a set tailored for flats and another for heels.”

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4) Complete with Shoes


Don’t let your shoes ruin your well-thought out look. Trash beat-up shoes and minimise scuff marks on shoes by storing them well. Also, it’s important to wear shoes that are comfortable, so you don’t struggle on the catwalk. Remember posture? If your shoes are killing your feet, your posture will inevitably suffer. Felicia recommends keeping a pair of elegant court shoes near because they are suitable for most occasions, so the polished you wouldn’t be caught off guard.


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