$80 Vs. $400 Facial

After reading how Victoria’s Secret Angels rely on oxygen facials to prep their skin for the runway (and boy do they have uhh-mazing skin) a desire started burning in me to include them into my skincare regime.

victoria secret angels

Touted to plump, smooth and restore brightness in skin, I believe my parched and tired-looking skin (no thanks to all the late nights and stress) can desperately use a boost of the vital gas! So, from my scouting of a facial to rescue my skin, here’re my experiences between a $80 and $400 oxygen facial.


The neighbourhood beauty parlour I frequent offers an oxygen facial, so it’s a given I first try it out here because apart from the reasonable price, welcoming therapists, no hard-selling policy, I’ve always left feeling satisfied with clean skin.

It begins with cleansing and exfoliating, followed by extraction. I’m used to the extraction here, but it never fails to test my tolerance limits. After more cleansing and some hydrating, the application of serum via oxygen blast allows the gas to penetrate deep into my skin. To finish, a mega soothing and nourishing mask accompanies a heavenly massage.

Radiance boost: star star star

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I had received a $200 gift voucher by SW1 on my birthday, so although I had some qualms at first because of the price (imo it’s an extravagance) I went ahead to book an appointment for their O2 Blush.

Although I had read earlier that this is one of the largest aesthetic clinics in Singapore, I did not expect the spaciousness of this place! I must say there’s quite a drastic difference in terms of ambiance and comfort from what I’m used to. After a quick registration, I’m whisked off to my treatment room.

sw1clinic-minThe registration area is so spacious and relaxing I can chill here all day!

I was again surprised by the facial room which wasn’t just clean, but lined up with several what seemed to me, as heavy-duty devices. At that moment, any apprehension of the expensive price kinda disappeared. I started looking forward to the end results! I think the calming aromatherapy at the start of the facial might have helped too.

aromatherapy-minA short aromatherapy is followed by skin cleansing and steaming where hot steam is used to open up pores.

aquadermabrasion-minI enjoyed the pain-free Aqua.dermabrasion process to further detox skin.

oxyshot-minI love how the therapist focused on my problem areas to really give them an oxygen boost! After which, she applied Vitamin C to replenish and brighten skin and used sonophoresis to send these nutrients deeper into skin.

led red-minLED RED light is then used to rejuvenate skin and stimulate collagen for supple skin. The mask I’m wearing here is an oxymask so the oxygen I was taking in was energising me and my skin. The therapist proceeded to give me a amazing arm and hand massage.

eye serum-minThe final step. My skin is visibly brighter and hydrated here!

The highlights of this facial would be the intensive oxyshot therapy which infuses oxygen into skin, oxygen mask and LED Red light therapy all to restore my skin’s glow and health. Plus, the entire treatment was so comfortable I dozed off mid way through!

Watch full video here:

I had gone in with some tired, dull, dry and flaky skin and got back refreshed skin that is smooth, clean, hydrated and bright. This dewy and glowing skin stayed with me for a good 2 weeks so, I must say $400 doesn’t just buy you a facial, it buys exceptional service and results!!

Radiance boost: star star star star star


While expensive, the $400 oxygen facial proved itself. It is an indulgent but gratifying experience that every lady should try at least once in a lifetime (although for stunning results, the therapist at SW1 recommends once a month). If I had extra pennies, it will definitely be my go-to but for now, the $80 oxygen facial shall suffice.

– Angeline

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