3 Ways to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger & Brighter

Eyes are windows to souls and an alluring pair makes you look younger and refreshed. While all eye shapes are beautiful, big and beautiful doe eyes stand out due to their perceived innocence and friendliness, making them a highly attractive trait. If you’re blessed with big and bright eyes since birth, don’t be happy too soon for neglect and age dim their lustre. Here, we take you through some tips and tricks to achieve bigger and brighter peepers and how to take care of them.

1) Add a Touch of Shimmer

inner eye corner

Double eyelid tapes are handy for those with monolids or to open eyes up further, but the key lies in highlighting the inner corner of the eyes. “This area may be small but it’s also high-impact. A touch of bright, glittery colour like gold, peach even blue makes the eyes look brighter and more awake,” says makeup artist Katie Jane. A contrast against any colour on the lids, complete the eye makeup with curled lashes and mascara for best effect.

2) Banish Dark Eye Circles

dark eye circles before

Another way to make your eyes look bigger and brighter is by eliminating what’s dulling them: dark eye circles. “Dark eye circles are the results of hemoglobin leaked from capillaries – the tiny blood vessels around the eyes,” explains Dr Kenneth Lee, Founder of SW1 Clinic. These dark rings not only make one look tired and haggard, but studies show that they negatively impact your social life as well.


Lighten them with Retinoid eye creams or alternatives such as Chai Liquid Gold Eye Illuminating Serum that rival the benefits of Retinoid based creams. Formulated with potent ingredients – argireline and gold particles – Chai Liquid Gold Eye Illuminating Serum tackles fine lines and periorbital shadows to uncover fresh and luminous undereye skin.

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For faster results, hide them behind concealers schedule an appointment for Revitalift Eye treatment where the hollowed eye area, which is a result of age, is skilfully injected with tiny drops of hyaluronic acid to replenish natural stores. This quickly restores hydration and in the following weeks, reward with supple, brighter and healthier undereye skin.

sw1 eye illuminator program

Such eye treatments when combined, get a boost in efficacy. Therefore, give eye treatment programs such as the genius Eye Illuminator Program a go. Touted to lift skin, soften wrinkles and erase pigmentation, it ropes Revitalift Eye with 2 other technologies for all round periorbital rejuvenation.

dark eye circles after

Quattro Toning uses the gold-standard picosecond laser to promote cellular regeneration and; Sygma EyeLift, is a superficial Ultrasound HIFU, used to tighten skin for visible results. “By leveraging these treatments which have delivered profound improvement in synergy, haemoglobin can be quickly cleared, and capillaries strengthened to prevent future leakage,” explains Dr Lee.

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3) Droopy Eyelids No More

eyelid surgery

As we age, it’s not just dark eye circles or crow’s feet that makes eyes unattractive. “Muscle atrophy sets in with age and the result is sagging skin. When this occurs in the upper eyelid, it can even obstruct one’s vision,” says Dr Tan Ying Chien, Plastic Surgeon.

Correct droopy eyelids and restore youth in eyes with upper blepharoplasty, a surgery to remove excess skin from the upper eyelids. According to Dr Tan, a browlift can be complemented for even better result. To achieve bigger and rounder eyes, the same procedure can be used to create creases or double eyelids that is the desire of many Asians.

eyelid surgery after

As these procedures are now commonplace, Dr Tan emphasised caution when choosing the clinic and doctor you are undergoing surgeries with. “The skills of the plastic surgeon play an important role in the final results achieved so finding a board-certified facial plastic surgeon is your best bet against botched up jobs,” he warned.

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