The Best Korean Skincare for the Latest Beauty Trends

If you think the Korean beauty craze is a passing fad, think again. Abundant masks, serums and essences have found themselves on retail shelves and there’s no sign of stopping their invasion into our beauty regimes. Here, we point out some of the latest K-beauty trends and the best products to match, so you can be the next Korean star spot a luminous and dewy skin that’s the envy of many.

1. Cloudless Skin

cloudless skin

This is the ultimate skin goal every Korean woman is striving for. Nope, not glass skin but cloudless skin or malgeun pibu in Korean. This term, used to describe a flawless, radiant and unblemished complexion, is not tied to just one product or method but a holistic approach to taking care of your skin.

As hormonal changes, stress, diet, environmental aggressors like UV rays can all affect skin condition, it requires a lifestyle change – from eating clean to getting plenty of sleep – to pull off this trend.


On top of protecting skin with SPF, exfoliating, hydrating, adding a serum into beauty routine such as Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule can do wonders to skin. This top-selling concentrate powered by snail mucus extract, regenerates and nourishes the skin for a brighter, firmer and clearer complexion.

For gloomy, dull and lacklustre skin in need of SOS, indulge skin in the occasional luxe beauty facial like SW1 Spa Monroe Hydrafacial to boost skin health and amp up luminosity. It first uses patented Hydrafacial MD technology to purify and smooth skin and LED Red light and I-Clear blue light therapy to rejuvenate and repair skin. A mixture of skin-loving nutrients glutathione and vitamin C follows to plump, revitalise and strengthen skin for the most clean, healthy and smooth complexion ever.

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2. Gradient Lips

gradient lips

In 2018, while straight brows which were considered to give the illusion of a “baby” face have given way to brows with a natural looking arch, the gradient lip trend has persisted.

Meaning to give that “just bitten” effect, gradient lips are deemed to be youthful and more attractive. They have a darker hue concentrated in the centre of the lips, which fades out at the edges, or blends into a different colour.

There are several ways to rock em’ youthful lips. You can achieve the effect by using a lipstick and concealer, two different lipsticks and shades or the easiest method of all, just one lipstick with two colours like Laneige Two Tone Tint Lip Bar Lipstick. We love it for its easy application and moisturising effect.


Simply apply the two-tone lipstick with the darker tint on the inner lower and upper lips before blending. But before you do, remember to first prep lips by exfoliating and applying a lip mask or lip balm for gorgeous K-Beauty gradient lip.

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3. Perfect for Selfies

chok chok skin-min

The Chok Chok skin trend where dewy and bouncy skin is the goal, may be endearing irl but not in selfies as they may turn out to be oily in photos. Shiseido IBUKI Smart Filtering Smoother corrects that and comes with a velvety consistency that absorbs oil and minimises appearance of pores.

bb aquatouchAfter 2 sessions of BB AquaTouch Laser, skin pigmentation has faded. Skin is also more refined and has a subtle healthy, youthful glow.

For an instant “photoshop” makeover effect, you’ve got to try BB AquaTouch Laser which employs the advanced Thulium laser for better results and a shorter downtime. It’s a multi-tasking laser; restoring skin elasticity, refining skin texture and eliminating fine lines for the ultimate skin renewal that makes you look on fleek effortlessly irl and on screen. Work in sunkissed eye shadows and you’ll be selfie ready in a flash.

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