5 Ways to Achieve a V-shaped Face

Science has proven through the Greek Golden Ratio that symmetry and proportion alter the perception of physical beauty; the closer one conforms to this ratio, the more attractive she is. The recent trend of pursuing a “V-shaped Face” as termed by the Koreans or “Gua Zi Lian” coined by the Chinese, encapsulates this winning beauty formula with the appearance of a contoured jawline and defined chin. Help yourself to a V-shaped visage, deemed more feminine and youthful, with the 5 tips below.

1. Facial Workout

jade roller

Just as we exercise to achieve toned bodies, exercise on your cheeks, jaws and neck can bring you closer to a sharper, V-shaped face. You can easily fit in facial exercises from tilting your chin skywards to dropping your lower jaw, pushing it outwards and holding for 10 seconds a rep. Attempt a defined jawline with gym equipment equivalents for the face such as wraps, jade rollers and oscillating devices. Perhaps a double chin and rounded face will be nothing more than a nightmare.

2. Cut Processed Food

Ageing slows down our metabolism and lymphatic system (this one’s responsible for draining toxins from bodies) which can result in bloating in places like the face. Trash processed and salty food for a sharper jawline. While lately pills and drinks promising quick results to a slimmer face have surfaced in the market, the jury’s still very much out on their effectiveness. Opt for fresh food and pile on vegetables and fruits, this is one health advice that never grows old.

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3. Makeup

Contour the top of forehead, sides of face while highlighting areas near the cheeks and nose helps to give the illusion of a sharper face.

The most effortless yet quick way to achieve a smaller face with chiseled jawline, is through makeup. You’d have seen your fave Youtube bloggers and the ultimate beauty fashion icon Kim Kardashian work wonders using bronzers and highlighters, contouring their faces from a round-looking one to a slimmer, smaller photo-ready look. Take advantage of shadows and play with light, adding depth and dimension, to enhance the illusion of a chiseled face. Be careful to avoid these common contouring mistakes!


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4. Slather on Creams

Accelerate the slimming process to a slaughtering V-shaped look with face lifting and slimming creams. Many are formulated to reduce swelling and water retention as well as firm the facial muscles.

Laneige Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask

Laneige Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask, boasting plant extracts and two variants of polymers, flies off shelves for its potential in replenishing skin’s elasticity and sharpening facial contours. Dior’s Capture Lift Ultra-stretch Reshaping Serum brings out the edges by lifting and burning fat to rid toxic fluid from face and stimulate blood circulation. These creams have claimed their spots on beauty shelves, which works and which doesn’t, share your experiences with us.

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5. Hello Experts

Don’t you wish to wake up pretty? If achieving and maintaining a perfect face were that simple – no fuss, no pain, no hole in wallet – divas wouldn’t be worshipped.

Unfortunately, the above mentioned methods won’t work for all with our different habits, face shapes and bodies. Cut through the chase and invest in a new and younger-looking you. While many celebrities and socialites go under the knife for the V-line, with advancements in cosmetic procedures, non-invasive surgeries are picking up in popularity. Bandages are out.

threadlift before

Relax and shrink over-sized jaw muscles that may be the perpetrator behind a broad squarish face thanks to Botox. Prefer longer lasting results sans scalpel? Combination therapy is the way to go. “The effects of Botox can be complemented with skin tightening and skin lifting technologies such as Ulthera or Sygmalift, available through our V-sculpt Facial Program. These two devices work using ultrasound to stimulate collagen regeneration for visible lifting effect that continues to improve over the coming months,” says Dr Kenneth Lee, Founder of SW1 Clinic. 

For an equally dramatic result, consider the latest Thread Lifting technique which uses fine, dissolvable threads skillfully inserted to lift sagging skin. It is widely sought after for its immediate result as compared to creams and lasers as well as lower downtime and relatively lower in cost compared with other more invasive treatments.

“I believe these threads can deliver in just 30 minutes, 70 percent of the lift of a surgical facelift without the months of healing,” says Dr Lee who has performed threadlifts in the hundreds.

It’s also reassuring that these threads dissolve in 7 months (previously tricky to remove if anything went awry) and a great draw that they spur collagen growth in adjacent tissue such that results can last up to 2 years depending on the individual.

threadlift after
image shows a sharper face and well-defined jawline after threadlift.

At SW1 Clinic, this multifaceted technique can be extended to various parts of the face. Patients can undergo threadlifts to the lower face – Infinity V Lift procedure – for a sculpted jaw and more prominent chin, simultaneously with Infinity Rejuvenation, Infinity Brow and Forehead Lift, Infinity Nose Lift and Infinity Neck Lift, leaping towards snagging the perfect face. With the before and after photos showing an incredible accentuation of the jawline, it’s no wonder it’s been receiving hot attention.

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