Experts Reveal What You Can Do to Beat Cellulite

Cellulite isn’t just something that plagues the unhealthy or the overweight; it often affects the fit and in-shape as well. While it lacks the striking presence of pimples or dark eye circles, the streaks, mimicking orange peels, can put distance between you and your bikini. The good news? There are plenty of things you can do to reduce its appearance, so we gathered tips from experts on how to banish cellulite and bring you a step closer to flaunting your beach bod.

Understanding Cellulite

Image shows cellulite on the thighs and tummy.

Cellulite (not to be confused with stretch marks) is the dimpling of skin – typically on the stomach, buttocks and thighs – due to fat cells pressing against the tissue strands beneath the epidermis. This bulging of cells causes the tissue to be pulled and pushed against each other, resulting in the dimpled appearance of skin. So, what triggers cellulite?


While it can be genetic, its appearance is also aggravated by a poor diet, lack of exercise and aging. Dr Chua Han Boon, Senior Aesthetic Consultant at SW1 Clinic, explained that these factors bring about hormonal changes and weakening of the tissue structures, ultimately creating cellulite or the ‘cottage cheese’ effect that many despise. All is not lost though! Here are some ways to minimise its appearance.

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1 You’re What You Drink & Eat

According to Dr Chua, drinking plenty of water is the first step to banishing cellulite.

“You want to stay adequately hydrated because dehydration causes skin to become thinner and weaken. When the skin is thin, the appearance of cellulite becomes more apparent,” Dr Chua said.

With 8 glasses of water sufficient to shed up to 14 pounds too, there’s all the more reason to drink up. To supplement water intake, Sydney personal trainer, Camilla Akerberg, suggested loading up on water-rich foods such as spinach, cucumber and radish.


Both experts also emphasise the importance of incorporating healthy fats in diet to combat cellulite. “It’s a misconception that all fats are unhealthy. In fact, the more good fats you eat on a regular basis, from foods like almonds, avocados and salmon, the stronger your connective tissues will be. This helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite,” said Dr Chua.

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2 Smooth on A Serum

This one takes discipline. A topical cream like Murad Body Firming Cream, which contains Vitamin C, Oat Beta Glucan and Soy Flour, helps to strengthen and firm skin over time. Other ingredients to look out for in your body creams include caffeine which stimulates circulation and breaks up fluids beneath skin as well as antioxidants which protect skin and help body get rid of toxins, for smoother skin. Supercharge the process with a massage tool.

3 Get Your Burpee On


A sedentary lifestyle is often the root of health issues that reflect poorly on our appearances. Help your sluggish metabolism and lymphatic system out by indulging in exercise. Simple exercises such as lying down with legs up in the air or against a wall counteract the effect of time spent sitting at your desk. This helps reduce the appearance of thigh dimples as it drains excess fluid.

Camilla believes strength training is the quick route to a lean, strong and cellulite-free body. “Lifting weights and building lean muscle mass is a key factor to toning up and helping reduce the appearance of cellulite. And this is the training method I personally use to maintain my physique,’ she said. These heart-pumping exercises boost blood circulation, strengthening muscles that in turn, minimise the appearance of dimples. Time for HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts.

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4 Try an In-Office Treatment

If you’re hoping for a miracle, in-office treatments are the most likely to offer one. Though the costliest of the options, they provide the most significant results, usually in a relatively short amount of time.

Dr Chua recommends Thermage, a cellulite-blasting radiofrequency technology to jumpstart collagen regeneration to restore the elasticity of the skin’s connective tissue.

“The good thing about Thermage is that it is non-invasive, has no downtime and results are immediately visible for most patients. The smoothening and contouring effect continues to improve over 6 months and the results can last for at least 2 years depending on individuals.”

thermage after

For enhanced results, jumpstart lymphatic drainage with Dream Body Tone. It harnesses sonic waves to help infuse potent skin-firming ingredients like Vitamin C and amino acids (the building blocks of muscle) to eliminate toxins that are the culprits behind cellulite.

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Why target just cellulite when you can burn fats simultaneously too? Supermodel Bodyfit Program is designed to help you achieve smooth skin with a curvelicious body in tow.
The comprehensive skin tightening, body contouring program combines not two but three treatments for a total body transformation.

Belly looks more toned after 3 sessions of Coolshape.

It first uses Coolshape to destroy fats by freezing in a process known as Cryolipolysis before stimulating the lymphatic system with Dream Body Tone to clear out toxins and fats that have been broken down. Exilis Body Magic completes the trio, effectively reducing fats via radiofrequency waves, to drastically reduce the appearance of cellulite and tackles loose, saggy skin for overall skin tightening without the need for needles (and pain).



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