These are the 2 Crucial Steps Your Hair-Care Routine Is Missing

Kim Kardashian is clearly embracing spring with her dashing shade of pink hair. She’s already gone back to brunette back but now, it’s the masses’ turn to shine. Lighter layers are in style (hi, pale pinks, lavender and icy blues!).


With all these hair styling and colouring to rock the major hair trends in 2018 – super slick or free-flowing waves – there’s a real need to take care of our locks. This is because damaged tresses look worse in colour which highlights the dryness and roughness.

hair trends

Don’t let unhealthy hair steal the show. Apart from shampooing and conditioning your hair, we reveal two crucial steps missing from your hair-care routine that would make all the difference between mediocre hair and a sexy, strong and luscious mane.

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Scalp Exfoliation

Just as our face needs exfoliation to slough off dirt, dead cells and impurities that dim our glow, our scalp needs to be exfoliated too. It rings true even if you do not have dandruff. “Fresh scalps make for fresh and healthy hair,” says Hilda Young, a London hairdresser.

To uncover a clean and healthy scalp, Hilda recommends exfoliating once every two weeks.

Like skin, our scalp contains sebaceous glands that produce oil, otherwise known as sebum. In the right amount, sebum helps our hair stay soft and shiny. However, an overproduction of sebum, or buildup of oil on the scalp can lead to a host of unwanted hair issues such as dandruff, itching, inflammation and worse, hair thinning or hair loss. Hairstyling products can also clog hair follicles, aggravating the problem.

Start by gently buffing the scalp with a teasing brush to loosen the debris. Next, massage a scalp treatment into dry scalp and hair and leave on for about 10 minutes before going through your normal wash, condition and styling process.

Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal shampoo
Alternatively, to save time, use a shampoo like Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-exfoliating Shampoo that has an exfoliator built in.

One thing of note though: Do not try if you have psoriasis, cuts, infections or eczema on the scalp.

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In-Office Scalp Treatment

After establishing the need to treat hair the same way we treat our face, what’s next after a good exfoliation? Scalp treatment. Sure, you could buy these hair and scalp-loving serums off the shelves, but an in-office scalp treatment like Revitascalp is way better. This is because they combine clinically proven, nourishing nutrients with medical grade equipment to deliver the essence directly to hair follicles. This helps promote a healthy scalp with strong, voluminous and beautiful hair.

Revitascalp uses a targeted blast of scientifically selected nutrients to help support a healthy growth of hair, including vitamin B12, folic acid, protein-building amino acids and clinically proven minoxidil to stimulate hair growth.

If you notice that your hair is thinning, an in-office scalp treatment can also rejuvenate hair and boost scalp health for an increase in hair thickness and reduction in hair loss. “For severe cases of hair thinning, I would recommend Revitascalp to be done weekly,” says Dr Kenneth Lee, Founder of SW1 Clinic.

“It (Revitascalp) can be done once a quarter or even half yearly as a maintenance for healthy hair, ” says Dr Lee.

For enhanced results, Revitalift can be paired with Revage 670 laser, an FDA approved low level laser to stimulate blood flow to hair follicles, under the Keramax Scalp Program to cultivate a lusher, fuller head of hair.

revage 670 laser

All in all, a healthy scalp is the key to healthy hair. As Dr Lee puts it, “Never underestimate the power of a scalp treatment.”

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