3 Oxygen Facials You Must Try

Is a breath of fresh air worth waking up early for? Oxygen is one of the essential gases needed for human survival. Fans of oxygen therapy such as oxygen bars tout benefits of boosting energy levels, increased exercise endurance and recovery from physical exertion, stress relief and relaxation benefits, amongst many others.

What about oxygen therapy for the skin? Oxygen facials have been around for almost a decade, and many reputable spas and some aesthetic clinics now provide specialized facial treatments to replenish oxygen levels in the skin. Their main benefits include improved circulation and skin texture, hydration and a noticeable glow immediately after. More importantly, these benefits are achieved without any downtime and is safe for all skin types!


1. SKII Senze Oxygenated Facial

This facial begins with sonic cleansing of the skin, followed by steaming and facial extractions (for those who cannot afford any downtime, you can request to skip this step). A thorough face massage is performed with a thick but non-oily facial massage cream. A serum is applied and high concentration oxygen is pumped across the skin, allowing for enhanced penetration of serum ingredients. The SKII facial treatment mask is applied as you inhale oxygen from a headset, giving an overall very relaxing experience.

Pros: This facial definitely achieves a noticeable brightening effect that lasts for about 5 to 7 days. For those who are unfamiliar with facials at the SKII Boutique Spa, most of their customers are loyal fans of SKII skincare and their facials are performed with only their in-house products. Their products are not cheap, and you get to try everything from cleansing to their expensive facial treatment masks! Members are also entitled to a 10% discount for any product purchase from the Spa.

Cons: Definitely a plus if you only use SKII products, not so great if you are one of those who don’t have a tolerance for their active ingredient *Pitera. Also one of their more expensive facials mainly because of the oxygen therapy. $400 for 90 minutes but there are package offers.




2. SW1 Spa O2 Blush

This triple oxygen therapy guarantees a gorgeous, coveted dewy glow.

After cleansing and hot steam, Aquadermabrasion – deep cleansing using a vacuum and vortex tip (this is sometimes preferred to sonic cleansing which can be harsher for sensitive skin) is performed. The vacuum extracts impurities while the vortex tip infuses a mixture of AHA, BHA and toning solution at the same time, allowing deep mechanical and chemical cleansing at the same time.

On your squeakly clean and exfoliated skin, sonophoresis of a cocktail of skin brightening ingredients (including tranexamic acid serum and pure vitamin C powder) is performed. Next, 3 forms of oxygenated therapies are performed, including an oxygenating detox-pre mask (known as the Oxygen Facial also sold online at the SW1 Shop), a full Oxy Shot intensive therapy where high concentration oxygen is pumped into the skin and the Oxymask (with LED red light)– an oxygen mask which allows you to breathe in oxygen for the most relaxing experience, leaving your face with a supermodel glow – almost!

Pros: This doctor-designed facial definitely doesn’t disappoint, and the facial and products used definitely have a clinical input to it. We like it that this is a triple oxygen therapy rather than a simple “off-the-rack” type of oxygen facial. The SW1 Spa is located in the heart of Orchard Road at Paragon, so you can pack some shopping before or after your treatment!

Cons: This will cost $420 (for 90 minutes) but it does deliver a potent dose of glow to any tired and lackluster skin.



3.  Porcelain Face Spa Oxyrevive

This glow reviver facial uses intensive hyperbaric oxygen therapy and an oxygen hydropeel to cleanse and exfoliate. A vitamin oxygen spray is then performed to encourage cellular renewal, promising visibly improved skin health and radiance.

Pros: This facial is suitable for all skin types, including mild acne and clogged pores. Their Grape Wine Peel gently exfoliates while delivering wine-derived polyphenols to fight free radical damage.

Cons: Also another hefty $400 and this is 75 minutes as opposed to usual 90 minutes. Also the spa is located at 15 Cantonment Road, great if you have something else to do or work in the area, otherwise you will have to plan a trip just for your facial treatment.




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