I Found A Wash-On Sunscreen. You Are Going To Want It.

This is a skincare alert for all, particularly if you have been looking for the perfect sunscreen. Something like a moisturizer, or better, feels like you haven’t applied anything?

Madness! I hear the sunscreen haters say. Well, wash-on sunscreen is really a reality, so there is no excuse for not sun protecting now.


The Difficulties Of Applying Sunscreen

Before this, sunscreens were only to be applied after you have washed, completed applying your serums and moisturizers. Let’s face it, the biggest problem about incorporating a separate sunscreen into our skincare regime is that there are simply too many things to complain about sunscreens. Amongst the most hated are how most of them feel greasy on the skin, the white cast left behind by physical sunblocks and how they interfere with makeup, and some chemical sunscreens can be comedogenic i.e. clog up your skin.

But did you know that incidental exposure to UV rays counts for about 50% of premature skin aging? And most of us don’t apply enough sunscreen to achieve enough protection from the sun as described on the sunscreen you’ve bought? And the fact that sunscreen (both chemical and physical ones) are easily rubbed off (by hair, clothes and hands)?


I Found My Lazy People Sunscreen

 So sunscreen haters, there is now a wash-ON sunscreen. What this literally means is that there is a new wash-on SPF technology, with SPF 30. (Are you excited? Because I am!)

How it works is surprisingly simple. Utilizing a delivery system which allows active ingredients of sunscreen to “adhere” to the skin after the cleanser has been washed off, a layer of SPF 30 (containing UV sunscreen filters) remains bound to the skin. This binding is surprisingly robust, and tests have shown that after 20 minutes of gentle rinsing, the level of sun protection remained consistent.

SW1 Shop’s Wash-On Sunscreen, Guardian Angel, with SPF30.

How To Use It

In the shower, obviously! Massage into wet skin and leave it on for approximately 2 minutes, rinse and pat dry. Avoid harsh exfoliation or rubbing after, although you can apply your non-acidic serums and moisturizers after. Experts do recommend being cautious, use some form of broad spectrum protection after, such as a moisturizer or makeup with SPF 30, and a regular broad spectrum sunscreen if you are going to be out in the sun deliberately.

And now, everyone has one less excuse for accidental sunburns, thanks to the Guardian Angel!

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