Aging Cleverly With PDRN

We’ve heard of anti-aging treatments that work – non-invasive skin lifting treatments, fillers and wrinkle-erasing lasers. Recently, a skin healing treatment has gained a lot of traction with anti-aging enthusiasts and everyone just can’t get enough of it.


PDRN (Polydeoxyribonucleotide) – Rejuran Healer

PDRN, or Rejuran Healer, is a popular wound healing booster used to encourage speedier healing of superficial wounds and boosting of collagen production in aging skin. Made of structural units found in DNA, Rejuran is purified DNA extracted from salmon.

The rejuvenative effects of PDRN are fascinating. First of all, it is found in small amounts normally in newly formed tissues and numerous studies have shown its wounding healing effects such as diabetic ulcers, skin grafts, bone tissue repair, and even in the cornea!

In the skin, the beneficial effects found were also profound, such as improved skin elasticity, hydration, repair, skin tone and texture, regulation of oil production, thickening of skin and reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.


Where Are Doctors Putting PDRN Into?

Into the skin! Rejuran can be injected directly into acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines, into the skin superficially to promote skin health and smaller pores, into the lower eyelids for dark undereye circles. Post micro-resurfacing laser treatments such as Fraxel Light as an adjuvant (do you see how clever this is?) for multi-fold results compared to either treatment alone, and also reduces downtime from the laser treatment.


PDRN Is Not A HA Skinbooster

Unlike skinboosters which are comprised of hyaluronic acid fillers for smoothening and plumping up the skin temporarily, PDRN reverses the signs of aging by facilitating cellular regeneration and repair actively, making your skin behave as if it is younger.


While Rejuran will not be able to replicate skin lifting results from procedures such as Ulthera, lasers, it is great as an add-on to other treatments, and will also prolong the results of these anti-aging treatments!

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