Battling Pregnancy Beauty Woes – I. Mummy Tummy

Children are a blessing and bring joy to our lives.  But pregnancy can hit the body hard and can take a toll on a mummy’s physique and appearance.  Hormonal imbalances and the stretching caused by your growing body and baby (or babies) are the usual suspects.

In this 4-part series, we will delve into 4 common mummy woes: Mummy Tummy, Pigmentation, Breast Changes and Hair Loss, and explore how we can prevent and correct them.

Woe #1

Mummy Tummy

As we put on weight and as the baby grows, the tummy muscles and skin overstretches, causing complaints such as mummy tummy, stretch-marks, excess fat, loose skin, a thick waistline and core muscle weakness.


The medical term for “Mummy Tummy” is Diastasis of the Recti Abdominis Muscle (or DRAM for short). It refers to the separation of the six-pack tummy muscles down the middle to accommodate a growing fetus. It occurs in all women during pregnancy, but it does improve after delivery. So, when does it become a problem?

  1. The muscle around your tummy is like a corset. The corset stretches out and only springs back partially after delivery. With a looser corset, it is common to hear mummies complain that they have lost all the weight they gained but their waist is not as nipped in as before.
  2. For 1 in 3 women, DRAM persists (defined as separation more than 2 finger-breadths wide). DRAM weakens your core, gives a stubborn tummy bulge even after weight loss and can give rise to problems such as hernia, backaches and incontinence.



  • Maintain healthy weight gain during pregnancy to prevent over-stretching
  • Go for a diet that helps with healing after pregnancy – high in protein, vitamin C and zinc – to help the reversal process of DRAM
  • Guided exercises after delivery, preferably by physiotherapists trained in managing DRAM, because some exercises like planks and sit-ups can WORSEN stretched tummy muscles (diastasis recti)

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  • If you have little loose skin and fat, promising non-surgical treatments may be all you need. Latest devices such as Coolshaping slims by freezing fat away and Body Exilis magic uses radiofrequency to shape the body and tighten the skin. Combining slimming technology works better than either alone. This is because body shaping involves improvement of a few factors—- from reducing bulk, to improving overlying skin” explains Dr Low Chai Ling, from SW1 clinic.
  • When you have severe loose skin and DRAM, surgery is a better option and a multitasker too. Abdominoplasty, or a “tummy tuck“, removes excess skin, repairs DRAM, improves the waistline, enhances the look of your belly button and liposuction can be done at the same time to remove stubborn pockets of fat.
  • For women with severe DRAM, repairing the DRAM will not only improve the aesthetics of the tummy, it restores core support and may improve strength and help with incontinence and constipation
  • Pregnancy Beauty Changes is an upcoming workshop where you will hear from medical experts -plastic surgeons to O&G specialists, on the latest innovations and treatments that can help you not only restore your beauty after pregnancy, but take it to the next level. Sign up now for early bird discount with code <Early20>. Includes goodie bag worth $25 and light afternoon tea.

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