Breast Augmentation in Singapore – Truths and Myths

1faf313a889a6df285a8f51fb59a5251There are numerous myths surrounding breast augmentation that may cause unnecessary worry to women considering breast implants. Girlfriday speaks to Dr. Chia Hui Ling, from SW1 Clinic, who shares with us 4 common misconceptions, the truth that lies beneath and the real risks we should know.

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Myth 1:
Implants Must Be Replaced After 10 Years

Breast implants do not have a strict “best before” date. At present, the latest Implants are at its 6th generation (Motiva Breast Implants), which are housed in extremely strong and durable shells that can withstand up to 100 pounds of pressure. Even when it is run over by a car!

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 10.42.58 AM

If there are no reasons to replace the implants, there is no hard and fast rule that implants must be replaced in 10 years. Reasons for another surgery to change the implants include implant leak/rupture (less than 10% at 10 years) and hardening of the implant, aka capsular contracture, which occurs in less than 5% of the time.  Another common reason why ladies have another surgery is to upsize or downsize their implants.

Capsular contracture is a possible reason for Victoria’s “un-Boob Job”

The older the implant, the higher the risk of implant leak. Dr Chia recommends that ladies with breast implants are reviewed regularly by their doctor to detect any issues with their implants. “I review and examine my patients regularly,” says Dr Chia, “and may order extra tests such as mammogram, ultrasound or MRI if I suspect a problem with the implants.” Women should definitely have regular breast cancer screening when they reach 40 years old and the implant can be assessed at the same time.

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Myth 2:
Silicone Implants Will Flow Out Into Your Tissues As Soon As There Is A Rupture

cut implant.jpg

The latest generation of implants are form-stable.  This means that the contents are like jelly and are also known as gummy bear implants.  When there is a rupture, the silicone does not flow out like a liquid and migrate immediately into your tissues (gel migration). Nonetheless, the implant still needs to be changed if it is ruptured to avoid complications, such as change in shape and capsular contractures.

Ripples don’t only run across water

Gel migration aside, form-stable implants are ideal for flat-chested women. It helps to shape the breasts better and have less problems with rippling (visible wrinkling of the implants seen under the skin) and poor breast shape. “A beautiful breast flaunts an elegant curve along the lower breast,” added Dr Chia “and form-stable implant creates just that”.


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Myth 3:
After Augmentation, I Cannot Breastfeed And Silicone Goes Into Breast Milk

If you have breast implants, breastfeeding does not pose medical risk to babies. Some women worry that breast implants will affect their ability to breastfeed.  It is uncommon for implants to affect a women’s breastfeeding capability, especially if the surgery leaves the breast glands and ducts mostly untouched. This means that the implants are placed under the chest muscles (less in contact with breast tissues) and inserted from around the breast (along the fold under the breast or through the axilla, rather than through the nipple). It is important for ladies to know that many women have inherent lactation difficulties even before any breast procedures.

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 11.48.14 AM

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Myth 4:
Implants Come In Only 2 Shapes – Round And Tear-Drop

Because women come in all shapes and sizes, tear-drop implants also come in numerous shapes, of different widths, heights and projections (pointiness). Dr Chia explains that that in her assessment and planning, she takes into consideration the lady’s height and weight, her posture and her chest shape to decide of an implant that looks best for her. “With her body shape in mind, I will then harmonize this with the lady’s desire, to pick an ideal implant for her,” added Dr Chia. In SW1 Plastic Surgery Clinic, the Vectra 3D system is used to simulate the look of different implants in the body, and women have found this extremely useful in making their choice.

Tear-drop implants come in different dimensions to fit different body shapes
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