Anti-Aging Secrets Of The Ultra-Rich

beauty secrets of the ultra-rich
Doctors reveal the beauty secrets of the ultra-rich

Anti-aging is all about maintenance. The wealthy goes for regular facials. The ultra-rich flies in to their elite plastic surgeons and aesthetic consultants every month. From enjoying regular medi-facials to have their skins infused with the most potent anti-aging agents, to receiving the latest cutting-edge procedures to reverse aging. All complete with little downtime, to recover in time for the next charity ball. Not only are these latest treatments clinically proven to be youth-enhancing, they are minimally invasive with limited downtime. Little or no tell-take signs that any enhancing procedures was done to achieve that glow of the affluence.

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1.  Youthful Face Shape

Youthful face shape Sonoya’s full cheeks and sculpted jaw is a universally youthful face shape

A pleasing face shape is universally youthful and feminine,” explains Dr Chia Hui Ling, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at SW1 Plastic Surgery Clinic. A typical minimally-invasive V-shape face regime for one of Dr Chia’s elite patients involves collagen-stimulating thread lift to sculpt the lower face and fillers or microfat transfer to plump up the upper face. “Heavy lower faces will also benefit from buccal fat removal,” added Dr Chia, who rates this as one of her popular procedures because it is effective, scarless and have short recovery time.

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2.  Glowing Skin

Stem cell face lift Maintenance is key to achieving ageless skin like Michelle’s

Exclusive clinics now have the equipment and expertise to tap into the stem cells in our bodies to rejuvenate our skin and boost hair growth. Nanofat injection comprises the “liquid gold”, extracted from fat, that is rich in growth factors and stem cells. Its repair and rejuvenation ability, makes it an ideal “stem cell face lift” for aging skin and dark eye circles, or just a regular skin glow booster and line eraser for those who can afford it. And each time it’s done, you can lose some stubborn fat at the same time because the fat is harvested using liposuction. Nanofat is often injected in combination with Microfat. Synergistically, they can produce the ultimate anti-aging result – skin rejuvenation and volumizing

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3.  Glorious Hair

Stem cell hair therapy Boosting the health of your hair follicles will restore your crowning glory

Keeping your hair follicles strong is the key to a healthy head of hair. “Dermal sheath stem cells is research-proven to modulate hair growth, explains Dr Chua Han Boon, Aesthetic Consultant based at SW1 Clinic in Paragon Medical Centre, “our Keraclone infusion taps into the regenerative ability of dermal sheath stem cells nestled within hair follicles to improve circulation to the scalp,” The result is thicker hair growth, better quality hair and reduction in hair loss. This exclusive treatment, coupled with Revage 670 laser hair therapy, is one of his clients’ favourite hair restoration programs.

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