Mini-Cosmetic Surgeries That Can Transform You In Under An Hour

model oblique viewThe marriage of technology and medicine has catapulted many surgical procedures into the realm of the minimally-invasive. From camera-guided endoscopic surgery to collagen-stimulating thread lifts, many of these procedures have transformed traditional surgeries like appendicectomy and face lifts. In cosmetic surgery, minimally-invasive not only means less downtime, some of these procedures may leave no visible scars and can be completed within an hour.

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1.  Thread Lift

thread lift versus face lift Thread Lift Results

A traditional face lift used to be the answer to reversing saggy faces.  The launch of thread lifts into the cosmetic market has eliminated the need for long incisions and downtime.  Threads, armed with tissue anchoring barbs and cones, are inserted into the face through needlepoint-sized skin punctures. An extra incision concealed within the hair gives an extra lifting effect. Many threads are made of collagen-stimulating material for an added rejuvenating effect.  Unless you have overly saggy skin, a thread lift can achieve a natural lifting effect with significantly less downtime compare to a traditional face lift.

Thread Lift
Threads are armed with cones for more effective tissue lifting

Surgery time:  30-60 mins
Downtime: Mild swelling and bruising for 3 days

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2.  Scarless Eye Bag Surgery

Also known as “transconjunctival blepharoplasty”, this surgery is ideal for eye bags with little loose skin on the lower eyelids. Pesky fat, responsible for the eye bags (or luggages for some), are removed from the inner surface of the eyelids (conjunctiva), with no traces of any scars around the eyes. Pairing the procedure with a skin tightening procedure, like SmartX Lite Eye, will smoothen the eyelid skin and improve the overall result.

scarless eyebag surgery Scarless eye bag surgery removes under eye fat with leaving an external scar

Surgery:  60 mins
Downtime: Swelling for 3-5 days

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3.  Buccal Fat Removal

Buccal fat excess is one of the culprits for lower cheek fullness. Buccal fat removal surgery will slim the face and give a lifting impression by lightening a heavy face. It is also an ideal solution for those who wants to flaunt their chiseled cheeks. For some, cheek fullness may also be caused by other offenders such as subcutaneous fat or bone. Check out my previous post where I covered methods to slim the face in more detail.

Buccal fat removal surgery Removing buccal fat slims the lower face

Surgery time:  60 mins
Downtime:  Swelling for 3-5 days

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4.  Suture Blepharoplasty

Sculpting a double eyelid fold may not always need the wield of a scalpel. In suture upper blepharoplasty (SUB) or scarless double eyelid surgery, the surgeon etches a double eyelid crease by placing plicating stitches along the fold.  The scars, hidden within the new crease, are 1-2mm in length and the downtime is less compared to incisional blepharoplasty, where the upper eyelid fold is formed from make cut along the entire crease. There are limitations to SUB though – it may not be suited for those with puffy or saggy eyelid skin.  The incisional technique, instead, can give a better result by removing excess fat and skin.

non-incision blepharoplasty Suture upper blepharoplasty, or SUB, creates a double eyelid fold without a full scar

Surgery time:  60 mins
Downtime: Swelling and bruising for 5 days

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5.  Chin Augmentation

The power of chin enhancement is undervalued. Apart from giving an aesthetic balance to the face, chin implants can have a power anti-aging effect, by creating a more youthful jawline. A chin implant can be placed in under an hour and the surgery is done through the mouth, leaving no external scar. That said, chin implants may not be suitable for everyone, some may have a more desirable result from a genioplasty. Do discuss the better option with your plastic surgeon.

chin implant BA

Surgery time:  60 mins
Downtime: 5-7 days

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