The Best Body Shaping Tool

Liposuction ranks as the second most popular cosmetic surgery (after breast augmentation). This is despite the introduction of non-surgical options like fat-freezing “cryo-lipolysis” and fat-busting “microwave-lipolysis”. The popularity of liposuction continues to soar because it is still superior when it comes to getting rid of flab quickly and effectively.

Vaser liposelection liposculpt liposuction
LipoSculpt both slims and shapes

Not all liposuctions are made the same though. The best tool in the body shaping realm now is Vaser LipoSculpt. LipoSculpt is more than just liposuction alone. Vaser delivers ultrasonic energy, which multitasks by emulsifying fat and tightening skin and tissues. With Vaser LipoSculpt, you get fat reduction PLUS a more desired contoured result.

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The Vaser Technology

Apart from multitasking, Vaser LipoSculpt, also called LipoSelection, selectively break down fat, whilst protecting other tissues from damage. Less injuries to blood vessels and nerves means reduced bruising, swelling and pain.

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Vaser Gets Groovy

Another innovative application of Vaser, which is becoming increasingly popular with men, is Hi-Def Vaser Liposculpt. Defatting and creating grooves around musculature, accentuates the appearance of muscles. Turning feats, like transforming a featureless belly into a six-pack, into a reality.

Vaser HiDef Liposculpt Liposelection Liposuction
Vaser HiDef

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Operation Smooth

Liposuction helps slimming but it does little to correct cellulite or stretch marks. Without ultrasound tightening, these pesky irregularities may even get worse! To get smoother results, combine LipoSculpt with a skin tightening treatment like Profound Body or Onda Body Magic to target the root of cellulite – weakened supporting septa in the tissues. Profound Body uses microneedling radiofrequency  and  Onda Body Magic employs the latest patented CoolwavesTM  microwave technology. Both treatments smooth cellulite by using these cutting-edge energy delivery systems to tighten skin and septa.

Onda Profound RF
Combine liposuction with skin tightening treatment to smooth dimply cellulite and stretch marks

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Who is Suitable

Best candidates for liposuction are those with stubborn, exercise-resistant pockets and rolls of fat, that does not seem to melt away no matter how much dieting or working out. Loose skin will benefit particularly from Vaser LipoSculpt, where ultrasound energy boosts collagen production and tightens the treatment area.  There is, however, a limit. For very loose skin beyond the help of Vaser, surgical removal of skin, like a tummy tuck, will give a better contoured result.

Ideal candidates for LipoSculpt are not obese and have exercise- and diet-resistant flab
LipoSculpt slims and smooths

What’s great about liposuction is that fat cells removed will not grow back again! Still, the best sustained results are seen in those who maintain a healthy lifestyle after surgery. Because although fat cells are gone forever, they can increase is size and the flab problem can recur.

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Safety First

Vaser LipoSculpt combines ultrasound, which selectively targets fat, and gentle suction, to reduce the risk of damaging vital structures such as nerves and blood vessels. With a sound technology such as Vaser, the greatest risk would be to put yourself in the hands of an unskilled doctor. Liposuction is a safe procedure as long as it is performed by accredited plastic surgeons, monitored by experienced anaesthetists and carried out in a licensed operating theatre.

In Singapore, to perform liposuction, plastic surgeons must be accredited by the Ministry of Health Accreditation Committee on Liposuction (ACL).  This means that they have to fulfil stringent criteria, such as proven experience and rigorous training. Liposuction is usually carried out under sedation or anaesthesia, and a trained anaesthetist must be present at all times to tightly monitor the surgery during the procedure. If you are considering liposuction, do also make sure that it is done in approved surgical centres, that is equipped with the latest anaesthetic devices, monitoring equipment and resuscitation facilities.

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A surgeon experienced with the use of Vaser Liposelection will be trained to reduce ultrasound-related risks such as burns and seroma (fluid accumulation). Overzealous liposuction can give surface unevenness (contour irregularity).  Other risks include bleeding and anaesthesia reaction.

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