Everyone Is Talking About This Baby Face Treatment

The baby face is a beautiful sight to behold.  Full forehead, plump cheeks and silky smooth skin – many age-reversing “baby face” treatments are designed to achieve these beauty goals. In recent years, fat transfer has become the leading minimally-invasive plastic surgery procedure for baby face restoration.

Baby Face
The Baby Face

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Plump Faced

Nothing ages the face more than deflation and gravity. The youthfulness of a rounded forehead and full cheeks is unmistakable, and it is not surprising that fat transfer is one of the most requested procedures around the globe.  Apart from being the ideal treatment for volume restoration, another reason for its popularity is the “side-effect” that comes with it – slimming! Fat is taken from areas upon your request, often the tummy or thighs, processed and transferred to the face to volumize and revitalize.

Gigi Hadid baby face
Baby Face Gigi Hadid

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Skin Refinement

Loaded with goodies, like stem cells and growth factors, fat transfer does more than just plumps. Studies have shown that fat transfer rejuvenates and smooths the skin, another baby face achievement unlocked. A new concept of fat transfer is Nanofat injection, for correction of fine lines and thin, crepey skin. Nanofat is in fact a misnomer. It does not contain any fat. Using specialized instruments, the fat collected is processed to concentrate fat stem cells and growth factors, two top regenerative agents for skin rejuvenation.

Nanofat transfer for wrinkles, sun damaged skin
Reverse sun damaged skin with Nanofat

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Fat Graft Face Lift

“To achieve beautiful results with a face lift, it is vital to focus on volume restoration, as much as on the lifting,” explains Dr Chia Hui Ling from SW1 Plastic Surgery Clinic. Dr Chia incorporates volume restoration into most of her face lift surgeries. We lose fullness in our forehead, temples and cheeks as we age. Refilling these areas with fat brings youthfulness back to the face. This is especially so when combined with lifting and sculpting of the lower face, where tissues and fat gravitates to with aging. Profound Lift or Silhouette Instalift are effective non-surgical treatments for mild to moderate lower face aging changes. In more advanced aging, Endotine Lift will address loose skin and tissues more effectively.

Fat graft face lift
The Fat Graft Face Lift Lifts and Restores Volume

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