How To Get Rid Of Eye Bags and Circles

Nothing saps the life out of your face more than undereye bags and shadows. If you are sick and tired of people telling you that you look knackered, you are not alone. Lower eyelid procedures rank as one of the commonest aesthetic and plastic surgery procedures. Here are some ways to lighten eyebags and brighten up the undereye area.

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Firm Up The Skin

Dark eye circles can be contributed by a number of causes. Thin undereye skin allows blood vessels under the eye to be visible, giving a purple discolouration. Crepey, wrinkled undereye skin also appears darker than smooth, taut skin. Those with undereye hollows, can be plagued by dark shadows too. A simple solution that targets all these problems is to firm and plump up the skin.  Revitalift Undereye treatment is tailored to boost the hyaluronic acid (HA) content of the undereye skin. One of SW1 Clinic’s most popular treatments, Revitalift Undereye is designed to restore the weakened discoloured skin and hydrate the undereye skin with HA, which is a naturally-occurring substance in your skin that slowly depletes with age. Plumping up the skin may also help camouflage mild eyebags.

Fillers eyebags and eye circles
Before and after undereye HA fillers
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Eyebag Removal

Very often, eyebags are beyond what fillers can mask. If you are young and have eyebags (often hereditary), with little loose skin, eyebag removal can be achieved by the transconjunctival, or “scarless”, method.  Fat is extracted from the inner lining of the eye, leaving no scar and short downtime.

tear trough deformity
Before and after lower blepharoplasty with improvement in eyebags, wrinkles and shadows

Eyebags are often accompanied by excess skin and wrinkles and a distinct under-bag  shadowing, known as a tear trough deformity.  Lower blepharoplasty with removal of skin skin and eradicating the tear trough deformity will give a smoother and more desired result.  Removing excess skin will leave a scar along the lower lash line that fades out over time.

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Laser Brightening

Being close to the eye, not all lasers are suitable for the undereye skin.  SmartX Lite is a fractiontated carbon dioxide laser that tightens and contracts the skin without penetrating beyond it and is safe for the eyes.  Also safe for the eyes, Neogen Plasma and Thermage Eyes are alternative non-laser devices that deliver energy to the skin.  Neogen uses plasma technology and Thermage uses radiofrequency, both are highly effective in inducing skin remodeling and rejuvenation.

smartx lite, neogen, thermage
Beautiful woman face. Perfect makeup. Beauty fashion. Eyelashes. Cosmetic Eyeshadow. Highlighting
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