Help Your Skin See The (Broad Band) Light

The light therapy to rule them all. Forget the older generations of intense pulsed light (IPL). The latest supercharged version has arrived in the form of BroadBand Light (BBL). This light therapy has no downtime and is adored for its powers to REVERSE skin-aging, remove pigmentation, abolish acne and eliminate unwanted hair and veins. Compared to other dated versions of IPL, this glow-getter has incorporated the latest technologies, raising the bar for the entire light device industry.
Sciton forever Young BBL SW1 Clinic Sciton BBL is fast becoming the choice treatment by many doctors for skin woes such as aging, pigmentation and acne.

Jane Of All Trades, Master Of All

The capability of BBL to customize the delivery of lightwavelengths gives it its versatility. Dr Chia Hui Ling, Consultant Plastic Surgeon from SW1 Plastic Surgery Clinic discloses how the BBL works in simple terms: “BBL is likened to a sharpshooter, who is highly trained to hit different targets at varying distances, with great precision.” Dr Chia explained that being geared to deliver a full range of wavelengths with unrivalled accuracy, the BBL is an excellent multitasker for skin woes. This means that you can choose to exterminate a target with more accuracy and effectiveness – from superficial sun spots to the deeper aged collagen for akin tightening.
BBL acne pigment hair removal Sciton BBL can target multiple skin problems thanks to its capability to filter a full range of light wavelengths
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Forever Young

Backed by clinical evidence from Stanford University, the BBL Forever Young program, offered at SW1 Clinic, is shown to reverse skin aging. BBL treatment can restore youthfulness to aged cells and tissues, by working at the DNA level and promoting the gene expression pattern of younger skin. Impressive results of the study showed that skin treated with BBL Forever Young showed significant decreases in fine wrinkling, abnormal pigmentation and global skin aging. It also has a pore-refining potential, by curbing skin sebaceous activity and tightening pores.
Forever Young BBL Sciton sun spots Results after Forever Young BBL
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Forever Light

The BBL is like a pigment-seeking missile, converting light energy to heat energy when it hits the skin, destroying any unwanted melanin in its path. Despite its effectiveness, the BBL treatment gives hardly any downtime, and after a few sessions, you will see definite skin whitening and clarity. The SW1 Clinic’s Full Bloom Program pairs BBL with more skin-lightening goodness – Glutathione and Vitamin C – in the form of the Pearl Eclat Mask.
Sciton BBL freckles, sun spots, melanoma BBL filters different wavelengths to target different types and depths of skin pigmentation
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Forever Clear

Now, this is my favourite – The Forever Clear BBL. Using different wavelengths, this brilliant program works on acne at THREE levels:
1. Exterminates acne-causing skin bacteria (Propionibacterium Acnes)
2. Soothes inflammation and reduce the dreaded redness that accompanies acne
3. Calms sebaceous activity to control sebum and oil production
Dr Chia recommends starting with an intensive phase, made up a series of 4 BBL treatments every 2 weeks, followed by a maintenance phase. The maintenance frequency will depend on the severity of your acne, ranging from every 1 to 6 months. For severe acne, the Purity Program combines the 2 top acne laser technologies, Vbeam Perfecta and Forever Clear BBL, working synergistically to eradicate acne.
acne blue light, red light Impressive results after Forever Clear BBL
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