Three Cosmetic Procedures You Should Start Earlier Rather Than Later

Eye Lift

Eyelid aging is more than just loose skin and wrinkles. The opening of our eyelids is powered by levator muscles – and these muscles work very hard. Years of lifting can result in the levator muscles stretching out over time. Sometimes these eye-opening muscles may even split – a condition known as levator dehiscence.

Drooping eyelids due to levator muscle dysfunction is known as ptosis (pronounced “TOE-sis). As if blocking your vision is not bad enough, there are other problems that can arise as a result of eyelid ptosis. Because the levator muscles can no longer do their job properly, the brain starts recruiting the forehead muscles to lift the eyelids. This job-sharing helps you see better, but also leads to forehead wrinkles and frontal headaches. Another common complaint is neckache. With the eyes partially covered, the constant head tilting to see better will also result in neck strains.

ptosis-before Left Droopy Eyelid Before Ptosis Correction
ptosis-after After Ptosis Correction

If you have droopy eyelids, it will certainly benefit more to seek ptosis correction, or eye lift, early to prevent these advance changes. Also surgery for severe cases of ptosis is more complicated, has a less natural result and a higher recurrence rate.

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Forever Young BBL

Here’s another treatment to start early and curb skin aging. Research proven by Stanford University to keep skin youthful, Broad Band Light (BBL) works at the cellular core to prevent skin aging. The study showed that BBL works at the DNA level and promotes the gene expression pattern of younger skin. Regular sessions of this light therapy can significantly decreasefine wrinkling, lighten abnormal pigmentation and improve global skin aging. The best part is that is has hardly any downtime.

BBL scion Results after BBL Treatment

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Prevent Wrinkles

Aging skin is not the only reason for wrinkles. Facial muscle expressions, such as smiling, frowning and grimacing, creases the skin. Over time, these “dynamic” wrinkles, usually only present during facial expression, becomes permanent “static” wrinkles. Crows feet, forehead and frown lines are the usual static lines that surface first.

Botox Lines soften after muscle of facial expressions are weakened

Botox injections weakens the muscles of facial expressions and slows down the process of wrinkle formation.  Done correctly by a trained doctor, the result can be natural without resulting in a frozen look, the main reason why some may shun this effective non-surgical treatment.

botox Static lines are hard to erase

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