Plastic Surgery Trends To Watch in 2019 – Minimally-Invasive Procedures

Social media has swung beauty standards into the realm of quantifiable validation, such as Followers, Likes and Comments. Our selfie-obsessed culture may be the reason minimally invasive cosmetic procedures has rocketed 200% since the turn of the millennium, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery. And there is no sign of slowing down.

Girlfriday asks renowned specialists, in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, to shed their views on the latest cosmetic trends and procedures they think will be most popular in 2019. Non-surgical treatments are on the rise thanks to improved techniques and technology and, in 2019, specialists are predicting they will see themselves doing more of preventative aesthetic procedures and treatments tailored for men.

For cosmetic surgery, there is a rising trend for scarless surgery, and combining surgery with energy devices like laser and radiofrequency to achieve a synergistic effect. This will be covered in our next article: Plastic Surgery Trends To Watch in 2019 – Cosmetic Surgery.

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Preventative Aesthetic Procedures

These days, thanks to the injection of technology and research into the latest cosmetic procedures and devices, people have gained more confidence in aesthetic procedures and are starting their treatments earlier to impede the aging process. Not only are the latest treatments built for superior results and safety profile, they have less downtime.

“More clients are undergoing procedures designed to slow aging changes and upkeep the skin, instead of more drastic measures later,” explained Dr Chia Hui Ling, Consultant Plastic Surgeon from SW1 Plastic Surgery ClinicDr Chia recommends regular sessions of these top 3 clock-stopping treatments: Skin Lifting, Botox and Nanofat Injection.

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Silhouette thread lift, facelift Rejuvenating Effect of Thread Lifts

SKIN LIFTING:  A strong advocate of skin-lifting treatments to work against gravity, Dr Chia recommends either Thread Lift, Ulthera or Profound Lift to counteract this relentless force that causes skin drooping.  Thread-Lifts are armed with barbs or cones to ‘grab’ and anchor skin upwards. Profound Lift and Ulthera use radiofrequency and ultrasound energy, respectively, to retract and lift the skin.

Ultherapy, thermage, profound lift Younger women and men are starting aesthetic treatments, like Ulthera, early to upkeep their youth
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BOTOX INJECTIONS work by weakening the facial muscles of expression. The constant creasing action of these muscles on the skin, results in permanent wrinkles. Starting botox injections early, when expression lines starts creeping in, will slow down the formation of wrinkles.

botulinum toxin Botox injections works on dynamic lines (wrinkles seen only during facial expressions), preventing its deterioration into static (permanent) lines
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NANOFAT INJECTIONS: With age, skin stops rejuvenating and repairs at a slower rate. Fine lines and pigmentation form as a result. Nanofat Injection is a new treatment which harnesses the regenerative growth factors within your own fat to treat fine lines and dark eye circles. An alternative is Youth Savant, which key ingredient is PDRN, or polydeoxyribonuclotide, made from Salmon DNAPDRN is proven, both by in-vitro and in-vivo studies, to be an effective treatment for skin repair and regeneration.

Nanofat injection Nanofat Injection is the latest treatment for stubborn dark eye circles and wrinkles
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Treatments Tailored For Men

The quick bounce back into a normal routine post-procedure has caught the attention of those who are reluctant to try, or to admit getting a procedure, or don’t want to deal with the downtime. Dr Chia estimates that 10 percent of her patients are male, and the number is increasing, because of the decline in social stigma attached to aesthetic treatments.

Full potential program for hair Hair restoration with Revage 670 Laser

According to Dr Michelle Lim, Aesthetic Physician at SW1 Clinic, “For men, it is important to customise treatments to preserve masculine features”. Dr Lim added that hair restoration with the Keramax Scalp Program is one of the more popular programs in SW1 Clinic sought by men. SW1’s cleverly named Boardroom Program combines Revage Laser for boosting hair follicles and Fraxel Light Laser for gentle skin resurfacing – also a favourite with male patients who prefer subtler results with less downtime. Botox and Revitalift Filler treatments delicately reverse facial aging changes are also becoming more popular with men,” explains Dr Lim.

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