How To Score At The #10YEARCHALLENGE

Prevention is definitely better than cure. Especially with the #tenyearchallenge in full force, youth maintenance beauty treatments are on the rise.  Rather than resorting to Photoshop to erase your lines and age spots, try these four preventative aesthetic treatments to keep wrinkles and pigmentation at bay.

ten year challenge photos of Jessica Biel
Jessica Biel takes on the #10yearchallenge
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Bye Bye Wrinkles

Very few treatments can beat Botulinum toxin when it comes to slowing down wrinkle formation. Better known as Botox, these injections work by weakening the facial muscles of expression. Their action on softening expression lines (wrinkles seen only during facial expressions) will their deterioration into static (permanent) lines. Many cosmetic surgeons are recommending to start botox injections early, when expression lines starts creeping in, will slow down the formation of wrinkles.

botulinum toxin
Botox injections slows the deterioration of expression lines into permanent creases



Sculpt Your Skin From Within

Replenishing the collagen in your skin will undoubtedly help you with winging the ten-year- challenge. Depletion of collagen content in the skin is the cause for aging skin changes.  Sculptra is made of Poly-L-lactic acid, a biocompatible and resorbable (can be broken down by our bodies) compound. When injected into the skin, it stimulates the skin to produce MORE collagen. Being resorbable, it leaves no trace of Sculptra over time but the collagen that it stimulates your body to produce stay for 2-3 years, depending on your age and the number of treatments.

dream sculpture sculptra
The collagen-boosting ability of Sculptra will restore youthfulness to the skin
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Fill ‘Em Up

When to talk about aging, it is often about lines and spots. Facial deflation is a crucial aging change that is often overlooked. Reversing the hollows caused by aging and deflation can make a dramatic difference.  The areas that often deflate with time are temples, cheeks, tear troughs and the forehead.  Revitalift treatment with dermal fillers will plump up these areas with minimal downtime. A more lasting option is fat grafting, where your own fat is used as a filler.

SMAS face lift with fat graft
Using fat graft as a filler, together with a face lift
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Stop Skin Aging

BBL Forever Young, the latest program offered at SW1 Clinic, does exactly that – it reverses skin aging. By inducing the gene expression pattern of younger skin at the DNA level, BBL treatment can restore youthfulness to aged cells and tissues. Impressive results of a study, carried out in Stanford University, showed that skin treated with BBL Forever Young showed significant decreases in fine wrinkling, abnormal pigmentation and global skin aging. It also has a pore-refining potential, by curbing skin sebaceous activity and tightening pores.

Forever Young BBL Sciton sun spots
Results after Forever Young BBL
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