The Double Chin – WHY ME?

Search “double chin” and it returns an endless list of how to get rid of it. But let’s take a step back to find out why some people are more prone to getting a double chin and how these causes can be targeted to eradicate this chubbiness under the jaw.

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Target: FAT

Gaining fat under the chin is the most obvious culprit. Also known as submental fat, some people may a higher tendency to gain weight in the under-chin, or submental, region.


Naturally weight loss will help to slim the jawline. The non-surgical option to target this fat is the Lipodissolve injection.  I was skeptical when I first heard of an injection that actually dissolve fat.  But it is shown clinically that the active ingredient in Lipodissolve, or Kybella, is deoxycholic acid, is effective in fat breakdown. The recommended treatment is monthly injections until you reach the desired effect.

Vaser liposuction for double chin and saggy neck
Vaser Liposuction slims and tightens the jawline

The more effective way to remove submental fat is liposuction.  In particular, Vaser liposuction has 2 key advantages in slimming the double chin. Vaser uses ultrasonic energy to liquefy the fat to facilitate fat removal and the energy also tightens the loose double chin skin. Vaser liposuction offers superior results in one session, but being a surgical procedure, do expect some swelling and bruising, which settles in a week or two. The final result is usually seen after 3 months.

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The submental skin, nestled under the chin, has the disadvantage of being subjected to the pull of gravity with barely any support. This makes it prone to sagging and descending into a double chin.

Ultherapy neck skin tightening
The double chin can affect anyone, even the young and slim. Ultherapy Neck sculpts the jawline by tightening the submental, or under-chin, area


Energy-based treatments like VaserUlthera and Thermage drives collagen remodeling and  promotes tissue contraction. The effect of skin-tightening, especially when combined with chin fat removal, will work synergistically to give a more sculpted jawline. The Infinity Neck Thread Lift is another option to reverse neck sagging and the lift results lasts for about a year.  For necks with more advanced skin sagging, a surgical neck lift, where the plastic surgeon can remove excess skin, tighten neck tissues and remove fat, is a more definitive solution.

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The chin plays a very important role in a beautiful jawline. A full projected chin forms the apex of the jaw, giving a beautiful angled curvature to the under-chin area.  Plastic surgeons refers this as the “cervicomental” angle, which is ideally 120 degrees. A short, or weak, chin will result in a blunt cervicomental angle and worsen the appearance of a double chin.

double chin neck lift
Improving cervicomental angle has a slimming and anti-agin effect


Both dermal fillers and fat grafting can augment and push the chin forwards in a fairly non-invasive way. They work by adding volume to the shin pad. This solution may not be sufficient in very small chin, and a chin implant or genioplasty are better options.  A chin implant is placed through a hidden cut inside the mouth to augment the chin. In a genioplasty, the chin bone is reshaped using various techniques by a plastic surgeon, to create a more beautiful chin and jawline.

chin augmentation
Chin contouring surgery in the form of a genioplasty will augment the chin and beautify the jawline


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