The New Liquid Facelift

A staple in every aesthetic clinic, injectables has wrestled its way into the realm of facelifts in the last few years. A “Liquid Facelift” lifts, plumps, smooth and contours the face through the use of injectable dermal fillers. This non-surgical facelift option often combines with the use of Botox for more durable results. Botox relaxes the muscles that produces facial expressions. Apart from creasing the skin and causing wrinkles, repeated facial expressions also lead to collagen breakdown, deepening lines and creases. With accelerating R&D into anti-aging treatments, new “liquids” are now being introduced to take the liquid facelift to take it into another level.

Thread Lifts and fat graft treats facial aging The ideal liquid facelift should volumize the face, relax facial muscles and refine the skin
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Tapping Into The Regenerative Powers Of Your Own Fat

Aging does 2 things to the fat in your face.  It depletes in areas like the cheeks, temples and forehead and migrates to less desired areas – think eyebags and jowls. Fat graft, like dermal fillers, re-volumizes the face in the desired areas to give a more egg- or v-shaped face. Fat graft is a minor surgical procedure where fat is harvested via liposuction, processed and re-injected.

fat graft face lift Beautiful results when fat graft is added as a volumizer in a face lift

A further step in processing to remove the fat cells leaves the “gold essence” of fat grafts Nanofat. Research proven, this powerhouse of growth factors and stem cells has both rejuvenating and repair functions. More and more, plastic surgeons are injecting Nanofat into sun-damaged skin, dark eye circles and crepey skin around the lips to reverse aging changes and boost skin quality.

Nanofat transfer, nano fat injection Nanofat is the answer for sun-damaged and wrinkled skin
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Youth Savant

As the name suggest, Youth Savant has the extraordinary ability to tackle skin-aging at its roots – the DNA.  The main ingredient PDRN, or Polydexoyribonucleotide, is derived from Salmon DNA.  Also referred to as Rejuran skin healing activator, the actions of PDRN is backed by both in-vitro and in-vivo experiments. Rejuran engages adenosine A2A receptors, triggering the so called ‘salvage pathway’ to recover (DNA) bases and nucleosides that are formed during degradation of RNA and DNA. Rejuran protect cells from UV-induced DNA damage and has the rejuvenative and anti-aging benefits when injected into the skin during a liquid facelift.

Return Healer Youth Savant is clinically-proven to improve common skin aging complaints such as wrinkles and pigmentation
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