6 Things You Need To Know Before Breast Augmentation


  1. How Do I Know Which Type of Breast Implant Is Suitable For Me?

It is highly-recommended that you consult a fully-accredited plastic surgeon experienced in breast augmentations. As we all have different physiques, a trained plastic surgeon will be able to assess you accurately and discuss the following considerations to select the best-suited implant for you: The content of the implant (saline or silicone), the shell surface of the implants (textured or smooth) and the shape (round or anatomical). As for size selection, a 3D-Imaging system such as the Vectra Imaging Simulator, helps in visualising the possible outcomes of different breast implants.

Vectra 3D
Vectra 3D imaging simulation system helps women and surgeons decide on the ideal breast implant
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  1. What Determines The Scar Position?

The scars for breast implant placement is dependent on several factors, such as the existing breast anatomy, patient’s preference and surgeon’s experience. For example, if more surgical work is required for the lower part of the breast, a breast crease incision may be better than an axillary incision. If there is plan to also carry out a breast lift, the breast implant may be placed through the cut around areola (periareolar incision).


breast implant scars
The possible incisions / scars where breast implants are placed through.
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  1. What Other Procedures May My Plastic Surgeon Suggest?

For certain breast changes, such as significant breast sagginess (or breast ptosis) and enlarged nipples, breast implants alone may not deliver the best outcome. Here are some conditions where your plastic surgeon may advise to “add-on” other procedures to give a better aesthetic result:

Breast Condition

Add-On Solution

Breast Ptosis

Breast Lift, or Mastopexy

Enlarged Nipples

Nipple Reduction

Widely-Spaced Breasts

Fat Grafting

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  1. Are There Alternatives to Breast Implants for Breast Augmentation?

Using your own fat! If you have fat reserves that is. Using liposuction, it is possible to “harvest” fat cells from areas of preference (often tummy and thighs) and re-injecting them into the breasts. This surgery, known as fat grafting or fat transfer, is gaining in popularity because of the dual benefit of fat reduction and natural breast augmentation.

fat graft breast augmentation
Natural breast augmentation using your own fat
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  1. What Are The Risks Of Breast Implant Augmentation?

General risks of a surgery (not only of the breasts) include bleeding, infection and anaesthetic complications. Specific to breast implants, there are risks of capsular contracture (tight scar forming around implant), implant malposition (going out of position), change in breast/nipple sensation, poor scarring and wrinkling of skin over the implant. A rare form of lymphoma, known as BIA-ALCL, is associated with the use of textured implants. Additionally, it is not uncommon to be unhappy with the size after surgery. Again, using a 3D simulation imaging system like Vectra helps in visualising the possible results before surgery.

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  1. Will Breast Implants Affect Breast Screening?

Breast screening is recommended for women after 40 years of age. As the x-rays in mammograms cannot go through silicone or saline implants well, it is important to inform the facility that you have breast implants because additional pictures are needed to allow more of the breasts to be imaged.

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