Lustrous Hair Reboot Without Surgery

Hair follicles suffers from burnout too. Miniaturization, or shrinking of hair follicles, is the pathway to baldness, and it can affect a third of women by the time they hit their 30s. Women are prone to hair loss and thinning just like men. In fact, American Hair Loss Association found that nearly 40% of hair loss sufferers are women. Common causes include hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, aging, chronic illnesses (like anaemia), stress and “traumatic” hair treatments (heat and chemical).

So what are the good stuff when it comes to hair restoration? Unanimously, doctors recommend a multi-pronged approach – stacking multiple treatments synergistically to give the best results. We check out the comprehensive range of hair-boosting therapies at SW1 Clinic, the largest aesthetic and plastic surgery clinic in Singapore.


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You Hair What You Eat

Having nutrition deficiency puts you on the sure road to hair-thinning. If you on a weight loss program or not meeting your nutrients requirements for any reason, consider taking a supplement. Viviscal Professional supplements has a hair-tailored mix of amino acids, vitamins and minerals clinically proven to promote hair growth.

sw1 hair clinic Viviscal Professional Supplement contains hair growth nutrients that nourishes thinning hair and promotes existing hair growth from within.


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Getting To The Root Of The Problem

In this case, the hair roots or follicles. Use a minoxidil-based product on the scalp is shown to reduce hair loss and boost hair growth. It works by increasing blood flow to the follicles, promoting its health. To further enhance the effects of minoxidil, the Revitascalp treatment at SW1 Spa, includes a lymphatic massage to rev up the scalp circulation, whilst massaging in minoxidil and hair building nutrients such as vitamin B12, folic acid and amino acids. The relaxation that comes with this “hair-cial” will also help to reverse any hair-losing stress.

hair loss treatment Revitascalp: Combining follicle-stimulating minoxidil, hair growth nutrients, lymphatic massage and pure relaxation bliss into one “hair-cial”
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Shed Some Light (Not Hair)

At the right wavelength, light does more than just promote photosynthesis. Revage 670 delivers laser light therapy at 670nm, a wavelength that stimulates metabolism of hair follicles and protein synthesis. This no pain, no downtime 30-minute treatment, is paired with Revitascalp in the Keramax Scalp Program, a hot-favourite with clients at SW1 Clinic.

SW1 Clinic’s award-winning Keramax Scalp Programme combines 2 powerhouses in hair restoration – Revage 670 and Revitascalp
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Clone Your Follicles

You may have noticed that the hair at the back of the scalp are more resistant to hair loss, they just don’t fall out like those in the front or the top of your head.  The Kera-Clone treatment harnessing the regenerative prowess of these tougher hair follicles. Using the patented Regenera Activa system, the extract hair follicles are processed and re-injected into the areas of hair loss. It may take a few months to see the outcome, but the result is stronger and thicker hair. SW1 Clinic’s Full Potential Program (waiting list alert) adds on Revage 670 to Kera-Clone treatment, to amplify the regeneration process.

hair cloning Kera-Clone (Regenera Activa) Results
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