Don’t Let Your Neck Betray Your Age

Unlike the face, neck aging changes are not easily concealed by makeup. We pay a lot of attention to our faces with skincare and cosmetics, but often neglect our necks. With its thin and easy-to-crease skin, the neck is destined to betray our age. Here, we put together a list of age-preserving treatments for the neck, to make sure it doesn’t give away your age.


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When slathering on sunscreen on your face, don’t forget about your neck! On top of UV-protection, extend your skincare routine down on top your neck. Many swears by adding anti-aging ingredients like retinol into their neck beauty regime; but a word of caution here: the delicate neck skin is prone to dryness. If you consider using retinol do ensure that the neck skin is very well moisturized. We love SW1 Shop’s Gold Oil Retinol Neck Treatment. Apart from smelling heavenly, this retinol treatment is paired with ultra-moisturising organic coconut, rose hip and jojoba oils, together with skin-hydrating squalene.


best neck cream
Incorporating both anti-aging and hydrating benefits, the Gold Oil Retinol Neck Treatment is one of SW1 Clinic’s Bestseller
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Make up guru Bobbi Brown did admit that no makeup will conceal a turkey neck.  Some tactics she suggested, apart from wearing a beautiful scar is wear false eyelashes and pretty blush to draw attention elsewhere. Find more Bobbi Brown’s beauty tips here.


neck wrinkles
Are you covering your neck lines with makeup??


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Start your neck rejuvenation treatments early! Because very little can be done when you have reached the turkey neck stage. It is better to start regular skin tightening and rejuvenating treatments early to keep the skin taut for longer. Some celebrity favourites include Ultherapy, Thermage and SmartX laser. Another popular treatment to try is Youth Savant – tiny fine injections which contain Salmon DNA, shown to smooth out lines, brighten skin and improve skin elasticity.

Rejuran Healer
Best for the neck, Youth Savant is clinically-proven to improve common skin aging complaints such as wrinkles and pigmentation
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botulinum toxin for neck bands
Vertical neck lines, or plastysmal bands, are soften with Botox injection into the neck platysmal muscles


Neck lines are like scaffolds, running horizontal and vertical. These 2 types of lines are treated very differently. Without resorting to surgery, horizontal neck lines may soften with the rejuvenation measures described earlier, but a better strategy is to fill them up with dermal fillers or fat grafting. Vertical lines are caused by neck muscle activity and better treated with muscle-weakening Botox injection.


revitalift SW1 Clinic
Horizontal neck wrinkles soften with dermal filler injections
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Once you have loose sagging neck skin, you are looking at a neck lift to give more dramatic results. Mild loose skin, or those not keen for surgery, a neck thread lift can reverse some of this looseness. However, if your turkey neck or sagging neck is in full swing, and you prefer a more dramatic result, a surgical neck lift is recommended. With a neck lift, the plastic surgeon will be able to remove fat, tighten the neck muscle, sculpt the jawline and smooth out the skin. The incisions are made behind the ears and recovery time is usually under 2 weeks. Cost starts from $12,000.


lower face lift
Results after a surgical neck lift


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