Shapeshifting Is The New Anti-Aging Secret

It is no secret that when you age, the fat in our face “migrates” to less desired areas – forming eyebags, jowls and double chin. At the same time, there is hollowing out of the temples and cheeks. The modern approach to restoring youthfulness to the face is to re-shape the face, shifting the fat out places where we can do we less volume and plumping up deficient areas.

Shaping With Fillers

If you are not ready to go under the knife, there is a good range of dermal fillers available to deliver instant plumpness. Usually performed in under 30 minutes, dermal fillers also has less downtime compared to surgery. Results last for a few months to years depending on the type of fillers used. Always seek a doctor experienced with injectables to minimise complications such as skin breakdown and blindness.

Revitalift undereye
Plumping up the tear troughs with filler. It’s like 10 hours of sleep in a syringe.


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Fatten The Face

A durable solution to reshaping the face is to use your own fat. Apart from restoring volume to the face, fat grafting, or fat transfer, has added benefits of slimming (of where the fat is harvested from) and skin rejuvenation, thanks to fat being a rich reservoir of stem cells. It is no surprise that this buy-1-get-2-free procedure is rising up the ranks of popular plastic surgery procedures. After fat grafting, around 30% of the injected fat is resorbed, but what remains lives on.

Fat graft face lift
Fat grafting restores volume gives the face a lift
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Going V

Now on to shifting fat out of the face. An egg-shaped or V-Line face is considered a beauty ideal, especially in Asia. Sculpting or slimming the lower face is crucial in attaining this facial contour. The most effective way to remove fat is liposuction or buccal fat removal. When it comes to the lower face, especially where there is skin sagging, vaser liposuction is recommended by many plastic surgeons, because the use of ultrasonic energy not only melts fat but gives skin tightening for a more sculpted jawline.

Vaser liposuction for double chin and saggy neck
Vaser Liposuction slims and sculpts the jawline
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Fat Busters

Again, if you are not considering plastic surgery yet, fat-dissolving Lipodissolve, or Kybella, injections can melt the fat away over several sessions. If loose skin is of concern, using radiofrequency (RF) energy would be a better option to both melt the fat and tighten the skin. Profound Contour Lift is a cutting edge device that uses microneedling RF technology to deliver RF and is best suited for the double chin, jowls or turkey neck.

Results after 3 Sessions of Kybella / Lipodissolve
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