Breast Augmentation in Singapore – Are Motiva Implants A Better Choice?

Motiva breast implants are the latest addition to the range of breast implants available today. The innovative features and technology that is built into each Motiva implant is the reason for its soaring popularity, both with plastic surgeons and patients. We ask Dr Chia Hui Ling, Consultant Plastic Surgeon specialising in breast augmentation and one of the top Motiva surgeon in Singapore, to share with us more about this “6th Generation” breast implant.

motiva hand
Motiva Implant
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What does it mean by a 6th Generation implant?

Since its inception in the mid-1960s, silicone gel breast implants have evolved every few years to the current 6thGeneration. With each generation, implant features have improved, with the aim to provide better results and a higher safety profile.

Motiva implants
Motiva implants have a more natural feel and look, and a proprietary nano-textured “Silk” surface
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What qualifies Motiva to be a 6th Generation implant? Why is Motiva better?

Motiva implants possess several patented and novel features that aim to address issues that were of ongoing concern with breast implants, including capsular contracture, leakage and breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma, or BIA-ALCL, and yet still give natural results. Some of these features include:

Natural –  The proprietary Ergonomix® silicone gel provides the most natural look, feel and movement, whether standing, moving or lying down.

Less rupture and leakage – TrueMonobloc® technology bonds the implant in such a way that stress on the implant is distributed uniformly and BluSeal® indicator confirms that the barrier layer in intact.

motiva implants
With more 500 different implant configurations, there is one that suits every chest shape.

Motiva implants has a nano-textured shell surface, which is designed to be an improvement between the current smooth and macro-textured implants. It minimises inflammation (and possibly BIA-ALCL) seen in macro-textured implants, but still maintains nano-level of texturing to maximize biocompatibility (giving rise to less capsular contracture and implant migration).

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When are Motiva Implants not suitable?

Being fluid and having a soft feel are positive features for breast implants. For women with tight chest tissues, this feature may not be ideal to create a beautiful natural breast shape, and other more form-stable implants may be a better choice for these ladies.

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