Four Steps To Beautiful Lips

We all want beautiful lips. Lips are the most sensual part of the face and lip aesthetic treatments are always on trend. Here are some tips how to perfect your pout.

lip fillers Kylie Jenner
The Jenners Kiss-Off
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Smooth ‘Em

Regular exfoliation will keep the skin on your lips smooth and allow lipstick to glide evenly.  The lip skin is delicate, so do not use harsh exfoliants. Try a brushing moist lips with an ultra-soft bristled brush for a few seconds to remove dead skin cells, followed by lip conditioning. This step also prepares the lips for better absorption of products.

smooth lips
Exfoliating your lips regularly not only smooths them, but also helps products sink in better
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Condition ‘Em

Lip skin lack a protective outer layer and oil glands, making them the first place to chap and dry out in low temperature and humidity climates. Be liberal with lip hydrating products, like SW1 Shop Rose Quartz Oil Moisture Treatment. Full of moisturizing emollients like rose hip oil, jojoba seed oil and squalene, this lip treatment oil will keep your pout moist and nourished.

best lip treatment
Rose Quartz Lip Treatment Oil contains natural seed oils and squalene which makes my lips feels ultra-moisturised and plump


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Fill And Shape ‘Em

Whether you are born with thin lips or lips which have deflated with aging, there ways to fill them up. A treatment like Revitalift Lips will plump up the lips with ultrafine hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers. HA lip fillers results last for 4 to 9 months. For longer lasting results, fat grafting will volumize your lips using your own fat. Another added benefit is that on top of plumping up the lips, an experienced doctor can use lip fillers and fat grafting to sculpt the lips into a more aesthetic shape.

lip fillers
The right dose of lip fillers will add natural fullness without being overdone


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Reduce ‘Em

Sometimes full lips may not be desired and be a distracting feature on the face. Lip reduction surgery will reduce the bulky lip tissue and give a slimmer lip with better lip shape. The scars are well hidden within the creases of the lip.

A long philtrum and thin lips give an aged appearance. Lip lift surgery is a surgery that can shorten the philtrum and enhance the fullness of the upper lip. Scars for this surgery cleverly hidden along the lower nose crease.

Lip Lift
Rejuvenating results after a lip lift
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