The Cheeky Solution To Eyebags

Eyebags will haunt us at some point in lives. Why do some people get them earlier or have it worse? Our facial structure may be responsible for this. In particular, a flat cheekbone. If you are born with flatter (also known as retruded) cheekbones, you are more prone to having eyebags early. The easy anatomical explanation is that the undereye fat has less support above a flat cheekbone. The eyebags also look relatively more prominent when the cheeks are deficient. The solution to improving eyebags, apart from lower eyelid surgery, is to cheek augmentation. So what are the ways to the augment the cheek?

dark eye bags and circles
Individuals are more prone to eyebags when the cheekbones are flatter and further behind the eye (middle). Cheek augmentation with fillers, fat grafts or implants will improve the appearance of eyeballs and under-eye hollows (right).


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Dermal Fillers

This is a clinic-based procedure. As with all dermal fillers, having the procedure done by an experienced physician injector is crucial to achieve natural results and prevent complications. Dermal fillers are placed in front of the cheekbones to camouflage the eyebag.

tear trough fillers
Before and after underage dermal fillers


15 minutes


0 to 3 days


Ranges from S$800 – 2000


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Fat Grafting

Fat is taken from other parts of the body using liposuction and the fat cells are purified and concentrated. The fat is re-injected to augment the cheekbone projection. The fat can be processed further into finer fat grafts or nanofat, which is injected into the under-eye skin to improve fine wrinkles and dark circles.

tear trough fat graft
Facial fat grafting improves under-eye hollows and eyebags


1 hour


1 week


From $5000


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Cheek Implants

With the introduction injectables and fat grafting, cheek implants are less common these days. Nonetheless, it provides instant structural augmentation and may be the choice for those with very deficient cheekbones.

cheek fillers
Before and after cheek implants, with improvements in the under-eye aesthetics


1 -2 hours


1 – 2 weeks


From S$8000


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