The Fall and Rise Of Breast Implants

The quest for a fuller bustline has seen its ups and downs. We have come a long way from free silicone injected directly into the breasts, to the current 6thgeneration silicone breast implants. Before implants were introduced in the 60s, free silicone gel injections led to lumpiness and breast gangrene, which became known as “silicone rot”. It is no surprise that this quickly led to its demise. The pioneering move of breast implants to encapsulate silicone within shells avoided this hitch.

The key components of a breast implants are its shell and silicone gel content. In the last few years, there has been a lot of excitement with the innovations built into these components of the latest 6thgeneration Motiva implants. Dr Chia Hui Ling, female plastic surgeon from SW1 Plastic Surgery Clinic who specializes in breast enhancement surgeries, tells Girlfriday how these technologies are designed to improve patient safety and also achieve beautiful, natural results.




What is SmoothSilk® surface? Why is it safer?



Before the advent of the nanotextured SmoothSilk® surface, implant shell surface was either smooth or textured (micro or macro).


Smooth surface has the advantage of a thinner, more natural feel shell and, to date, has not been associated with breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). Textured surface has the advantage of developing better integration with our body tissues.

Combining the benefits of smooth and textured, whilst minimizing their disadvantages, the SmoothSilk® surface was shown in both laboratory and clinical studies to have excellent bio-integration, very low capsular contracture rates and no reported cases of BIA-ALCL.




Why are Motiva Implants blue?



The presence of a barrier layer minimizes silicone gel diffusion into the body and reduces the risk of capsular contracture. Motiva implants has a BluSeal® indicator which gives assurance that the barrier layer of each implant is present and fully intact.

The BluSeal found in Motive implants allow checks for leaks.





Can you tell us more about the ProgressiveGelTM range of silicone gel within Motiva Implants?



The ProgressiveGelTM range of silicone gel ranges from the firm ProgressiveGelTM to give a fuller breast shape, to the ProgressiveGel UltimaTMthat gives the most natural look and feel. Found in the Ergonomix range of implants, this gel gives a natural flow with movement. Like breast tissue, the implant has a round shape when lying down, tear drop shape when standing and a fluid movement with motion.

Motiva implants
ProgressiveGel mimics natural breast tissue, having a round shape when lying down and a more teardrop shape when standing up



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