Surgery to Enlarge Your Eyes in Singapore (Apart from Double Eyelid Surgery!)

Cosmetic surgery for the eyes are always well sought after. Apart from the common blepharoplasty and double eyelid surgeries, these lesser known procedures will brighten and transform your peepers naturally, leaving hardly any visible scars.

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1. Epicanthoplasty – Longer Eyes

epicanthoplasty epicanthal fold
Eyes with epicanthal folds
epicanthoplasty review
Eyes with no epicanthal folds

An epicanthal fold, or a skin fold that hoods over the inner corner of the eye, is a distinctive oriental feature. It gives a tapered appearance to the oriental eyes. Sometimes this fold can be overly thick and “blunts” the corner of the eyes, making the eye look short and round. In severe cases, the eyes may look like they have a squint, a condition known as pseudosquint.

A thick epicanthal fold can give the false impression of a squint, a condition known as pseudosquint, or pseudostrabismus.

An epicanthoplasty surgery lifts away this fold and helps to lengthen the eyes. “Using the latest technique of epicanthoplasty,” explains Dr Chia Hui Ling, Female Plastic Surgeon from SW1 Plastic Surgery Clinic, “the scar is concealed along the inner edge of the eyes making it nearly invisible after a few weeks.” The older methods of epicanthoplasty leave visible scars over the inner eyelid skin.

bad epicanthoplasty scars copy
Unsightly epicanthoplasty scars
epicanthoplasty invisible scar
Before and after epicanthoplasty using the invisible scar technique
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2. Ptosis Correction – Bigger Eyes

An eye lift, or ptosis correction surgery, is the solution for droopy eyelids (ptosis). A defect in the eyelid muscle is the cause for ptosis. You may be born with the defect, or the muscle may have weaken and detached over time, losing its ability to open the eyes effectively. The result is sleepy looking eyes and in severe cases, may block the vision.

eye lift
A young lady with left-sided ptosis that was corrected with an eye lift or ptosis correction surgery

Ptosis correction surgery lifts the upper eyelids and open up the eyes. Apart from improving blocked vision, ptosis correction helps to create bigger and brighter eyes.


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3. Brow Lift – More Lifted Eyes

Gravity shows no mercy when it comes to aging and brows, like all our other facial tissues, go south. Sagging brows gives an instant aged look. It also has a secondary effect on the eyes, causing the upper eyelids to feel heavy and puffy, and may also lead to hooding, where the upper eyelid skin sags over the eyes.

endoscopic brow lift
An endoscopic brow lift lifts the brow, smooths the forehead, erases frown lines and lighten eyelid hooding

“A brow lift surgery will lift the brows up into a higher, more aesthetic position,” says Dr Chia. This in turns also lifts the upper eyelids and beautify the eyes. Another benefit with a brow lift is an improvement in forehead and frown lines. The modern brow lift is performed endoscopically (keyhole surgery) via small cuts hidden within the hairline, leaving no scars on the face.


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