What You Need To Know If You Want A Slimmer Nose

Broad. Bulbous. Wide. Flat. These are some terms Asians may use to describe what they dislike about their noses when they seek corrective nasal surgery. Dr Chia Hui Ling, female Consultant Plastic Surgeon from prestigious SW1 Clinic in Paragon Medical Centre, shares with us the solutions for refinement of the nose. Dr Chia specialises in nasal enhancement surgeries and describes that the key to a best outcome is to achieve results that complement the rest of your facial features.


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  1. Slim The Bridge


nose implant Raising the bridge with a nasal implant

Asian noses have a broader and flatter bridge, or dorsum. There are 2 ways to “slim” the bridge. The first way is to raise it. A higher dorsum will give the impression of slimmer bridge. This is the commonly done in an Asian rhinoplasty, because many seek to raise their nasal bridge too.  Another way to narrow the bridge is to do an osteotomy. This surgery infractures both sides of the nasal bones to narrow the base. Often an implant will satisfy the need for someone looking to raise and narrow the nose bridge and an osteotomy may be considered in more severe cases. Dr Chia recommends patient customised nasal implants to ensure the ideal result is achieved for each patient.


Non-surgical alternative:

Nose fillers, fat grafting and nasal threadlift can also raise the nasal bridge. The advantage is that these are non-surgical procedures and less downtime is expected. On the flipside, the results are subtle and are not permanent.


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  1. Reducing The Hump

A hump on the nose bridge can also give the impression of a large nose. Although it involves shaving down the cartilage or bony hump, many have the misconception that it is a major operation, Reducing the hump is a scarless procedure that can be done through the nostrils. The major downtime in less than a week and the bridge is mildy swollen after that and the final result is appreciated after 3 months.

hump reduction Results after hump reduction surgery

Non-surgical alternative: Again, fillers and fat grafting can used to camouflage the hump for a smooth dorsum. Downtime is minimal too. The downside is that the hump itself is not reduced, nose bridge will look higher and the results are not lasting.


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  1. Refine The Tip

nose job rhinoplasty Tip plasty surgery for the nose will refine and slim the nasal tip

A broad internal cartilage structure and thick skin are the 2 main reasons for a bulbous nose tip. “ A tip-plasty will restructure the tip cartilages to create a more refined and slim tip,” explained Dr Chia. The skin of the nose is of the thick “sebaceous” type and is also thinned at the same time. Dr Chia also added that a common approach to Asian rhinoplasty is to combine raising the bridge with a customised implant and a tip-plasty with your own cartilage to give a more natural look and feel.

Non-surgical alternative: As fillers and fat grafting only add volume, it does little to slim a bulbous nose. Nose threads may help to refine the nose tip but to a limited extent.


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  1. Narrow The Base

alar flare reduction
Alar reduction will narrow the base of the nose

The alar wings of the nose are wider and thicker in Asians. Alar reduction is the answer for those looking for narrowing of the nasal base. The scars of this surgery is placed along the nasal side creases and usually inconspicuous after a few months.

Non-surgical alternative: There are no non-surgical ways to reduce the alar wings of the nose.


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