What Is The Best And Safest Breast Implant in Singapore?

Which attributes make up the ideal breast implant? We ask Dr Chia Hui Ling, a top female plastic surgeon specializing in breast enhancement surgeries, how she would describe the perfect breast implant? “In truth, there is no ideal implant out there,” explains Dr Chia, “but we are getting closer with the latest 6th generation Motiva implants.” Below, Dr Chia shares the five key features of a breast implant.


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1.  The Perfect Shape

best breast implant shape
A beautiful breast shape has a straight upper slope and a full lower curve

A beautiful natural breast shape has a straight, or slightly full upper slope and an elegant rounded lower curve. A teardrop-shaped implant will give this ideal shape. With the latest ProgressiveGel UltimaTMtechnology, the implant shape simulates the natural dynamic breast shape in real life – round when lying down and teardrop when the body is upright.


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2.  The Perfect Surface

Motiva implant surface
Microscopic view of the SmoothSilk Nanotextured surface

The implant surface determines how well the implant integrate with the body (biointegration). A smooth implant integrates less with the body than a textured surface. As a result, textured surface grips better, has less migration and also gives a lower capsular contracture (hardening around implants) rate. However, of late, increasing reports of Breast Implant Associated-Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) has turned many surgeons and patients away from textured surface implants. SmoothSilk® surface is the new kid on the block and is considered the market gold standard at present. Although a smooth surface by definition, the SmoothSilk® surface does have a nanolevel of texturing to aid biointegration and, to date, reports very low incidence of capsular contracture and no occurrences of BIA-ALCL.


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3.  The Perfect Implant Gel

Motiva implants teardrop
ProgressiveGel in Motiva implants mimics natural breast tissue, having a round shape when lying down and a more teardrop shape when standing up

The contents of an implant should ideally give the most natural look, feel AND movement and the shape that you desire. With Motiva implants, there is the choice of the firmer ProgressiveGelTM to give a fuller breast shape, or the more fluid ProgressiveGel UltimaTM in the Ergonomix range, that mimics the breast tissue realistically.


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4.  The Perfect Shell

detect implant leak
BlueSeal Technology aids detection of any shell compromise

Having a strong shell is crucial to minimize implant rupture and leakage. On top of an obvious implant tear that happens after surgery, it is not easy to detect minute breaches in the shell due to manufacturing defects before  the implant is placed in the body. This can lead to silicone gel diffusion, risking capsular contracture. The BluSeal® indicator is an ingenious way to detect shell compromise easily and gives assurance that the barrier layer of each implant is fully intact.


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5.  The Perfect Size

fat transfer, breast enlargement
Hybrid breast augmentation, combining fat grafting with breast implants, gives natural fuller results with small implant sizes.

This is of course up to each individual woman’s preference. In general, the heftier the implants, the higher the rates of complications and the larger the scar. Dr Chia combines fat grafting with breast implants in her hybrid breast augmentation procedure, to maintain smaller implant sizes, but still being able to create natural breast softness and achieve patients’ size goals.


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On a final note, Dr Chia adds that the choice of breast implants depends highly on your anatomy. The leading implant in the market may tick all the right boxes but may not be the ideal one for you. As for advice on selecting a plastic surgeon, she emphasizes the importance of seeking a skilled and experienced breast cosmetic surgeon. “The surgeon must have performed many breast enhancement surgeries, is familiar with implant science, able to assess your body precisely to select the best-fitting implant and be someone whom you can comfortably and openly discuss your preferences to achieve your breast goals.”

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